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Quick Tip: How To Make It Easier For Your Customers To Buy From You

A lady I know expressed deep frustration to me the other day because she wanted to place an order with Amazon, but they don’t accept Paypal as a form of payment.  She ended up ordering from another online vendor.

Amazon is a large online retailer, yet their methods of payment are limited.  Being that they are a strictly online retailer, they should accept Paypal.  But they don’t.  As a result they are losing sales.

I once spoke with a potential buyer from a very large company.  She wanted to purchase booklets from me with a credit card, but like Amazon, I was not prepared to accept that method of payment at the time.  I lost that sale, and I never forgot that lesson.

Be willing to accept as many methods of payment as you can – credit cards, checks, paypal, etc.  The more methods of payment you accept, the more likely you are to make the sale.

To your riches!


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The Secret To Success In Any Business

Wherever you are in your booklet adventure, you’re there because you put yourself there.  You have made the decision to create a booklet, and from that point you have moved forward at a pace of your choosing.  The question is, are you happy with where you are now?

Why There Is No Comparison

As human beings, we’re notorius for comparing ourselves to others.  We think we should be taller, thinner, prettier, and richer.   And not only do we compare our physical selves, but we also compare our businesses to that of others.  We think we should be bringing in a certain dollar amount because someone else did it.  Or we think we should be selling a certain amount because someone else did it.

The truth is you can’t compare yourself to someone else, and why would you want to?  Why put those limitations on yourself?  Odds are that person you’re comparing yourself or your business to is comparing their self or their business to someone else! You might see their success as something worthy of acquiring, while at the same time they are looking even higher and reaching for more!

Yes, Yes, Yes and No

So, why did XYZ company sell a million thing-a-ma-jigs and you only sold 100,000 booklets?  Could it be that XYZ company has been around longer than you have?  Could it be that they have a staff working for them while you’re a solopreneur?  Could it be that they have more money to work with for developing products and getting them in front of their market?  The answer is yes, yes, and yes, but it’s also no!

Of course XYZ has been around longer than you, has a staff and more money.  But, what’s stopping you from achieving that same level of success, or better yet, surpassing it?  The only thing standing in your way is your willingness to do what it takes to get there!

What Are You Doing And Why?

Diligence is working toward something on a constant basis.  It is believing in something, and stopping at nothing to get it.  It means you don’t have time to be idle.  You’re too busy working toward your goals.

Like everyone else on this planet, you have 24 hours every day.  You need a certain amount of those hours for eating, sleeping, and doing whatever you do in the bathroom.  Beyond that, you’re free to choose what you do with the rest of your time each day, and in order to grow your business and reach your goals, you don’t want to waste a single moment.

Some moments will be put aside for your pleasure and enjoyment, or for family.  But, other moments, your working moments, are the ones you really need to focus on. If you find your business isn’t where you had hoped it would be by this time, ask yourself what you did over the past year, or the past six months.  Chances are you wasted precious moments on things that didn’t further your business goals.

Diligence is the secret to success in any business, and booklet publishing is no exception.  Now that you know this, consider each activity you do during your work time and ask yourself whether it is helping to reach your goals, or whether you’re wasting your time.  In other words, what are you doing and why?  The more activities you can do to help your reach your goals, the sooner you will reach them and surpass them!

To your riches!


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I’m thankful for you – my faithful readers.

I wish you a joyful holiday, filled with family, friends and all that cherished memories are made of!




How To Be The Master Of Your Own Financial Destiny

Have you heard?  The worst of the economic crisis is over!  Or, is it?  Maybe you have heard the opposite – that it’s not over and there’s no end in sight.  The media is giving us mixed messages these days.  So, who’s right?

Nothing Ever Really Changes

It doesn’t matter what the media says when you have the ability to create your own economy.  In fact, regardless of what the economic climate is, there are always people out of work, there are always people who have jobs, and there are always people who have more than enough. That’s a fact.

Look at the great depression.  What do you think of when you think of that era – job loss and soup lines?  Yes, there was plenty of that.  But, there were also people who had jobs, and there were even a few rich people during that time.  In fact, there were some smart folks who profited from the great depression. And, we can see the same thing happening today.

The Weak Will Perish

The goal during tough economic times isn’t just to survive.  The goal is to THRIVE!  And you can – if you don’t listen to the media with all their mixed messages and fear tactics.  In fact, you can thrive in any economic climate, and you should!

In a bad economic climate we usually see many businesses close their doors, and the media makes a big deal of it.  But, in tough times it’s survival of the fittest. The weak perish.  Strength prevails.  What makes a business weak or strong?  Their focus.  If their focus is on their customer, they are strong.  If it is on anything else, they are weak.

Don’t Survive – Thrive!

How can you thrive in any economy?  Start by creating your own economy!  You do this when you decide to embark upon your booklet adventure.  You’re taking your financial destiny into your own hands rather than trusting it to someone else.  If the economy is good, you can always make more money.  And if the economy is bad, you can always make more money.

You’re the one in control.  You don’t have to worry about what the economy does or what the media says or predicts.  That no longer applies to you in regard to how much money you can make or whether or not you have a job.

Once you’ve made the big decision and embarked upon your booklet adventure, the next thing you must do is keep your focus on your customer.  That not only means writing your booklet for them, it also means that every business decision you make is done with them in mind.

Don’t worry about the economy.  Create your own and be the master of your own financial destiny!

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: Make Something Happen Today

Wherever you are in your booklet adventure, you’ve got something before you that you need to do.  It might be writing your first booklet, or it might be contacting that prospective buyer, or maybe it’s spreading the word about your business and products.  But, whatever it is, it’s there in front of you, and you can’t move on in your adventure until you get past it.

You’re not ready, you tell yourself. You need to do more research, or study more, or get enough money saved up, or wait until you have the time to really concentrate on it, or get more products together, or gather more credentials…..and the list goes on and on.

Whatever it is that is looming ahead in the distance before you, don’t wait to tackle it.  It’s the next step in your adventure, and there are riches at the finish line. You don’t have to wait for the right moment when you have everything you think you need.  Just go for it and do it now!

Most people wait and wait and wait.  They spend their entire lives waiting, and nothing ever happens.  Don’t do that.  The right moment is right now. Embrace it and make something happen today!

To your riches!


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What Makes The Difference Between A Sale And No Sale

Your booklet is hot off the press and you’re ready to start making sales.  But, there’s one thing you need to know in order to turn the sale in your favor.

You’re A Natural

Have you ever had a sales job in the past that seemed difficult?  Maybe you were selling Avon, or Tupperware, or Mary Kay products.  Or, perhaps it was vacuum cleaners, or insurance, or cars.  Or you might have sold products to wholesalers.  Whatever it was, you may have left that job because you didn’t make any money at it.

Maybe you thought there was something wrong with the product.  Or, maybe you decided that you weren’t cut out for sales jobs.  But, chances are the product you were selling was fine.  After all, other people sold them.  And as for your ability to sell, it’s definitely in your nature!

How Could They Say No?

Everyone has the ability to sell.  We all sell something everyday in the form of our ideas and opinions. Your friend wants to have lunch at restaurant A, but you think restaurant B is better, so you try to sell your friend on the idea that you should have lunch at restaurant B.  You tell your friend about the lively atmosphere, the delicious food, and the great prices.  And, if that’s not enough, it’s closer than restaurant A which will save time and gas.

Chances are, in the scenario above, you would win your friend over.  Why?  Because of your enthusiasm for restaurant B.  If they’ve never been to restaurant B, they’ll want to try it after your rave review.  You’ve given them every reason to try it, and maybe to sweeten the deal you even offered to treat them.  How could they say no?

What Makes The Difference

Your booklet is a wonderful product, created to help someone.  But, just like our restaurant example, your readers and/or buyers have choices. Should they buy your booklet, or should they opt for product B?  You will need to convince your market that your booklet is the better option.  How?  With your enthusiasm!

Your Enthusiasm should begin with your writing.  If you’re enthusiastic about your subject, it will show in your writing. Your writing will be snappy and focused, and your voice will come through as upbeat and positive, helping the reader achieve something.  Write this way and you’ll be able to extol plenty of virtues to your prospective buyers!

Your enthusiasm is what will keep you going when the going gets tough.  It will come through in your writing, and in your voice when you talk to people about your booklet.  It will make people want to listen because you have someting important and exciting to tell them.  And it will make the difference between a sale and no sale.

To your riches!


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What To Do When The Unexpected Happens

Sometimes things happen in your life that shock you or take you by surprise, and you find yourself unable to write, or focus on your work.  This could be something positive, such as an unexpected gift, or it could be something negative such as the death of a loved one.  What do you do?

Roll With The Punches

When you’re faced with the unexpected, it’s better to roll with the punches than try to force yourself to sit down and write, or make that call to Mr. Bigwig at XYZ, or get your latest product online.  Sometimes, you just need to take a break. Sometimes, your brain freezes up and you can’t think about anything else.  That’s when you need to take care of you.

The Positive And Negative

If it’s a positive thing that has happened, go out and celebrate, or call your friends and share the good news.  This will help you get that burst of energy and excitement out of your system so that you can start to think about other things – like your work.

And, if what has happened is something negative, give yourself some time to sort it out.  Talk with your friends, family and loved ones.  Take a little time for yourself.  Allow yourself to work through your feelings and to deal with whatever it is you need to.

Your Work Will Be There

We live in a world of instant gratification today where we are led to believe that we can control every aspect of our existence. We give little thought to the unexpected occurring, because the unexpected always seems to happen to someone else.  This is why it’s such a shock when it happens to you!

Your work will still be waiting for you when you return to it.  And when you do you’ll find yourself refreshed and you will discover that your focus is better than ever, and the work you do is outstanding because you’ve dealt with the unexpected rather than trying to push it aside to get your work done.

To your riches,


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