Are You Writing Your Booklet For The Wrong Reason?

You want to write a booklet, but have you really thought about why you want to do it?

Reasons For Writing Booklets

It’s easy to get excited about a writing a booklet when you first come up with the idea.  So many things come to mind.  You may think about what you’re going to write, or what your finished project will look like.  For some, that is enough to send their fingers flying across the keyboard.  Simply having your name in print and finally becoming an author is an accomplishment.

You might consider the good things that will come from this booklet, such as speaking engagements or notariety in a particular field.  These seem like good reasons for writing a booklet, and they are, but in and of themselves they will eventually fall flat.

Money is another reason for writing a booklet, and it’s a good one.  We all need to make a living somehow, so why not do something you love?  But, even money isn’t really a good enough reason.  Writing booklets for money won’t get them sold.

Why Your Reasons Aren’t Good Enough

So, why should you write a booklet?  If not for the sake of finally seeing your name in print, and if not for the sake of notariety, and if not even for money should you write it, then why bother at all?

Do you notice something about each of the reasons mentioned above?  They are all “I” reasons.  In other words, they answer the question of what’s in it for YOU.  And while you do need to have your own reasons for writing your booklet, what’s in it for YOU isn’t going to mean anything to the ones who might be interested in your title.

The first and foremost reason for writing your booklet is to help someone else.  Even if you’re creating fiction, that is a kind of help.  It’s entertainment, a momentary escape from the ordinary that plagues us in our daily grind.

Change Your Approach And Make The Sale

Your audience is the real reason for writing your booklet. It’s not really about you.  It’s about THEM.  Yes, you will reap the benefits from your labor.  You will make money, and you will gain notariety and see your name in print.  But, more importantly, you will have helped someone else, and it is because of that they will buy your titles and tell others about them.

If you create value for your audience first, then you will have created value for yourself at the same time.  Instead of looking at your booklet and asking what it can do for you, ask yourself what it can do for the reader. If you create a booklet only to please yourself, nobody else will be interested in it.  But, if you create a booklet with your audience in mind, asking yourself what’s in it for them, then you’re creating something you can sell.

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them.  If you create it for them, you’ll be able to answer that question and make the sale!

To your riches!


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