Five Tips To Help You Write Productively

Maybe you’ve sat down once or twice to get started on that booklet manuscript, and you’ve found yourself doing everything BUT writing.  You’ve been thinking, contemplating, and maybe you even wrote a word or two, but you just couldn’t whip out that manuscript like you planned. For whatever reason, it just didn’t happen.

Here are five tips to help you write more productively so that you can finally get that manuscript finished!


1) Make sure you’ve planned enough time to complete either all of your manuscript or a large chunk of it.  If you’ve only allowed yourself half an hour, you’ll feel rushed and under pressure and you won’t be able to focus.

2) Do what it takes to minimize interruptions, including your own. Use the bathroom and get your coffee or tea BEFORE you begin.  Turn off your phone, TV, and radio.  Stay off the internet and turn off your email notifier.  Don’t answer the door.  And if necessary, leave home and go to a quiet place where you can work without being disturbed.

3) Imagine writing your information to a single person, rather than writing a “manuscript” or “project.”  Thinking about a single person will help you focus your writing and make your tone more friendly, whereas trying to write a manuscript or complete a project will cause your writing to be more technical and you to be more critical.

4) Don’t worry about perfection. That’s what editing is for.  Just write.  Write for yourself and nobody else.  You can tweak it later for your audience.

5) Break up your work time here and there to allow your brain to rest.  If you work for four or five hours straight, your brain will get tired.  Refresh yourself and your writing by taking a 5 or 10 minute break about every hour or hour and a half.  Stretch, get some fresh air, refill your coffee cup, and then get back at it!

To your riches!


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