Quick Tip: How Quality Control Keeps Customers Happy

You may have heard the term “quality control,” but have you ever thought about what it means?  In a nutshell, quality control is simply making sure the customer receives what they were supposed to, or what was expected.

You’ve probably eaten at McDonnald’s at least once in your life.  Imagine you ordered a chicken sandwich and it came with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes on it.  You enjoyed it very much, and so you returned to McDonnald’s on another day and you ordered the same sandwich.  But, this time there was no tomato. You would be disappointed because your sandwich was not the same as the last time you had it.

The same is true of your customers when they order your booklets.  Whether you are selling your booklets in large quantities to bulk buyers or one at a time to individuals, or both, your customers have (or will have) a certain level of expectation from you regarding your service and your booklets.

Make sure your standard of quality control is high.  Every booklet you write should contain valuable information for your audience, and each booklet should look like a professionally put together product. Anything less will be the equivalent of the missing tomato or worse!

To your riches!


PS: Want to learn more about how to put together a professionally produced booklet?  Click here!

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