What The Stores Are Doing You Can Do Too

Halloween is coming up and just about every store is trying to get a piece of the action.  Stores that have never offered anything for Halloween in the past are suddenly “Your Halloween headquarters!”

These stores have figured out that Halloween is more than candy and costumes.  It’s also decorations, and those decorations run the gamut from bat shaped streamers to wall decor to elaborate dishes for dinner parties.

This is very clever thinking.  It’s a way for these stores to stay current and stay in front of their customers.  It’s a way to bring dollars into their store that they otherwise would not have had. And, it’s a good lesson for the rest of us.

What are your customers buying elsewhere that they might be able to get from you?  Sure, you’re a booklet author.  You can’t sell them a wall plaque.  But, you can sell them a booklet about decorating.  You can’t sell them candy.  But, you can sell them a booklet of frightfully easy and delicious recipes.  And you can’t sell them costumes, but you can sell them a booklet about how to create costumes from items they already have at home.

What the merchants can do, you can do too.  They have found a way to fit Halloween into their stores and make sales, when in years past the most they thought to do was put up a few measly lights and hand out a little candy.  Now they’re selling to their market for Halloween because they’ve realized that if they don’t, their market is going to buy these items somewhere else anyway.

Think about your booklet(s).  How can it fit into the holiday of Halloween?

To your riches!


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