Why Your Booklet Is Just A Stepping Stone – Even If You Only Want To Write One

You can’t know where a path will lead until you take that first step.  Booklets are, for many authors, a first step.

So Many Possibilities

Not every booklet author wants to write booklets exclusively.  Some may begin that way, but others see booklets as a means to an end – becoming a published author and having something in print.  And there is nothing wrong with this.

You might view becoming a booklet author as secondary to becoming a public speaker.  Or, it might be a way of testing your audience before you write a full length book.  Or, it could be the start of your own publishing company, which focuses exclusively on booklets.  Or, it may be the beginning of a company that sells a variety of information products.  Or, your booklet could simply be your business in and of itself.

Instant Author

A booklet is a stepping stone to something more. But, what that something more is, is up to you.  Someone once said that you eat an elephant one bite at a time.  A booklet is that one bite.  But, it’s a powerful bite that can change your life.  One day you want to become an author, and the next day you are one.

This is because booklets don’t require the same amount of writing and production time that full length books do.  Neither do they require alot of money – which makes booklet writing accessible to everyone.  You don’t need months or years set aside for writing, and you don’t need a large outlay of cash to get published.

Stepping Stone

Sometimes a writer will focus only on their first booklet.  They just want to become a booklet author – period. That’s all they can think about right now.  But, once they start down the path of their booklet adventure, things begin to emerge that cause them to change their mind.  It might be an opportunity that presents itself, or it might be that they see potential for their work (because of their booklet) where they didnt’ see it before.

At this point, the booklet becomes a stepping stone to something even greater.  But, even if you only want to write one booklet, that one booklet has the power to bring you riches, and that in turn will enhance your life. In this way, too, the booklet has become a stepping stone.  It’s getting you from where you are now (financially speaking), to where you want to be.

Whether you plan to only write one booklet, or you want to write many, don’t look at the booklet as the end.  Writing your booklet will set many good things in motion.  It is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things!

To your riches!


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