Why Your Booklet Business Is NOT A Top Priority

You’ve got at least one booklet in print,  And all you can think about is selling your booklet and making money.  It excites you and consumes you.  And it’s a HUGE part of your life – a priority.  But, your business should never be your top priority.

It’s Not About Your Business

Do you remember when you first decided to write a booklet?  What were you thinking?  Were you thinking about the satisfaction you would feel from getting your information out to those who need it?  Were you thinking about how good it would feel to achieve author status?  Or were you thinking about how much money you would make and what you would do with it?

All of these things have validity, but that last one is a clue to why your business is NOT a priority. Your business is important, but it’s really just a means to an end.  It’s a good means to an end, but still a means to an end nonetheless.

It’s Not About The Money

How many people do you know who would be willing to work for free? Unless you know alot of actors, you probably don’t know anyone.  Most people work very hard for the money they get.  But, why do they do it?  Why do they get up at the crack of dawn and go to a job they probably don’t like, day after day?  They do it because they have a dream of something that lies beyond their job.  It’s not about their job, it’s about what the money they earn from that job can do for them.

It’s the same way for you, except you get to do something you love and you get to call the shots.  You get to decide what you’re going to do and when.  But, like those who are going to work every morning for someone else, you aren’t there just for the money.  You don’t live to work (or at least you shouldn’t).

Your Top Priority

When you start your booklet adventure, the first thing you must commit to memory is that you are not there to serve your business.  Your business is there to serve you. People who work for someone else don’t have that option.  They can’t make their job serve them because their job was created to serve someone else.  They can do as they please with their paycheck, but they have no control over their hours or how much they make.

Your business is not your life.  It was created to serve you and make your life better.  It was not created to take over your life.  It is a part of your life, and hopefully it is something you enjoy.  After all, you’re a writer, and being able to write and publish your own work is a fantastic thing.  But, it is still just a vehicle to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future.

Your top priority is your life, not your business.  Your children or grandchildren are a top priority.  Your faith is a top priority.  Your friends are a top priority.  Your health and well being are top priorities.  Your spouse is a top priority.  And your business, although important, is secondary to all of those other things.  Isn’t it because of all those other things that you want to write for riches with booklets in the first place?

Don’t serve your business.  Make your business serve you.

To your riches!


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