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Quick Tip: How To Feel Refreshed, Not Stressed

Can’t find those ideas for booklets you wrote down?  Are you running through your day constantly trying to catch up?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by your business responsibilities and everything going on in your life?  It’s time for a little order!

Order is, in simple terms, having a set place and time for everything. Sometimes things happen outside of our control, but for the most part, we are in control of how we use our time each day.  We can use it productively, or we can use it non-productively.  If we conduct ourselves and our day in an orderly fashion, we will make the best use of our time.

How does this work?  It starts with your to-do list. If you’re not already doing it, make a to-do list for each day, listing items in order of priority so the most important things always get done.  Beyond that, look around you at the long standing chores you have been avoiding. These might be household chores such as a longstanding pile of laundry, or they might be related to business such as cleaning your office or work area.  Choose just one chore each day, and once it’s done resolve to keep that area clean and put the items that were in that area in their proper place in the future.

These are just a couple of examples.  I’m sure you can think of more to share!  Feel free to add your comments below.  Living an orderly life and running an orderly business helps you feel refreshed instead of stressed.

To your riches!


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Three Simple Things You Can Do To Stay Well So You Can Keep Writing

Have you ever tried to write when you’re sick?  It’s hard to concentrate when you’re miserable.  All that coughing and sneezing is so disruptive, and all you really want to do is get under a warm blanket and go to sleep.

It’s difficult to be productive when you’re sick. That’s why it’s better not to get sick in the first place.  It’s much easier to write when you’re well.  Heck, it’s much easier to do just about anything when you’re well!

I can’t remember the last time I was sick.  I’ve had a few close calls over the past couple of years, but I’ve always managed to knock it out before it took hold.  I don’t know exactly why this is, but below are the three main things I do that seem to work.  Maybe they’ll help you stay well too.

1)  Take Vitamin D every day – especially if you live in an area that doesn’t get much sun year around.

2)  Take vitamin C every day, as well as your multiple vitamins.  I take ALOT of vitamin C – usually between 6,000 – 8,000 mg. every day.

3)  At the first sign of illness take a zinc lozenge. Keep up your regular regimen along with the zinc, and see how you feel the next morning.

That’s it!  Pretty simple, huh?  Of course, what works for me may not work for you.  And my advice should never replace the advice of a qualified doctor. But, the vitamin D seems to be a major factor because I’ve done the C and zinc in the past, and it wasn’t until I added the vitamin D that I really started to notice a difference.

How about you?  Do you do something that helps you stay well?  Please share it!  The less we are sick, the more productive we can all be!

To your health and your riches!


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Are You Writing Your Booklet For The Wrong Reason?

You want to write a booklet, but have you really thought about why you want to do it?

Reasons For Writing Booklets

It’s easy to get excited about a writing a booklet when you first come up with the idea.  So many things come to mind.  You may think about what you’re going to write, or what your finished project will look like.  For some, that is enough to send their fingers flying across the keyboard.  Simply having your name in print and finally becoming an author is an accomplishment.

You might consider the good things that will come from this booklet, such as speaking engagements or notariety in a particular field.  These seem like good reasons for writing a booklet, and they are, but in and of themselves they will eventually fall flat.

Money is another reason for writing a booklet, and it’s a good one.  We all need to make a living somehow, so why not do something you love?  But, even money isn’t really a good enough reason.  Writing booklets for money won’t get them sold.

Why Your Reasons Aren’t Good Enough

So, why should you write a booklet?  If not for the sake of finally seeing your name in print, and if not for the sake of notariety, and if not even for money should you write it, then why bother at all?

Do you notice something about each of the reasons mentioned above?  They are all “I” reasons.  In other words, they answer the question of what’s in it for YOU.  And while you do need to have your own reasons for writing your booklet, what’s in it for YOU isn’t going to mean anything to the ones who might be interested in your title.

The first and foremost reason for writing your booklet is to help someone else.  Even if you’re creating fiction, that is a kind of help.  It’s entertainment, a momentary escape from the ordinary that plagues us in our daily grind.

Change Your Approach And Make The Sale

Your audience is the real reason for writing your booklet. It’s not really about you.  It’s about THEM.  Yes, you will reap the benefits from your labor.  You will make money, and you will gain notariety and see your name in print.  But, more importantly, you will have helped someone else, and it is because of that they will buy your titles and tell others about them.

If you create value for your audience first, then you will have created value for yourself at the same time.  Instead of looking at your booklet and asking what it can do for you, ask yourself what it can do for the reader. If you create a booklet only to please yourself, nobody else will be interested in it.  But, if you create a booklet with your audience in mind, asking yourself what’s in it for them, then you’re creating something you can sell.

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them.  If you create it for them, you’ll be able to answer that question and make the sale!

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: It’s Not About How Much You Spend, But How Much You Keep

You have great taste.   You want nothing but the best, and for your lifestyle that’s fine.  But, don’t carry your extravagance over to your business.

When it comes to your booklet business, you want to operate on the cheap.  That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality or professionalism, but it does mean that you need to keep an eye on your spending.  When something less expensive will do, that is the purchase you should make.

It’s not about having a fancy home office or the best computer or the most expensive leather chair.  It’s about how much you money you keep in your pocket at the end of the month so that you can spend that money to enhance your lifestyle rather than your worklife (which really only exists to enhance your lifestyle).  If you spend all your money on your worklife, your worklife will become your lifestyle.

When it comes to your business, pinch those pennies.  Be a miser.  Watch your spending.  And then, when it comes to your lifestyle, you’ll have the money to spend on the things you enjoy.

To your riches!


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Five Tips To Help You Write Productively

Maybe you’ve sat down once or twice to get started on that booklet manuscript, and you’ve found yourself doing everything BUT writing.  You’ve been thinking, contemplating, and maybe you even wrote a word or two, but you just couldn’t whip out that manuscript like you planned. For whatever reason, it just didn’t happen.

Here are five tips to help you write more productively so that you can finally get that manuscript finished!


1) Make sure you’ve planned enough time to complete either all of your manuscript or a large chunk of it.  If you’ve only allowed yourself half an hour, you’ll feel rushed and under pressure and you won’t be able to focus.

2) Do what it takes to minimize interruptions, including your own. Use the bathroom and get your coffee or tea BEFORE you begin.  Turn off your phone, TV, and radio.  Stay off the internet and turn off your email notifier.  Don’t answer the door.  And if necessary, leave home and go to a quiet place where you can work without being disturbed.

3) Imagine writing your information to a single person, rather than writing a “manuscript” or “project.”  Thinking about a single person will help you focus your writing and make your tone more friendly, whereas trying to write a manuscript or complete a project will cause your writing to be more technical and you to be more critical.

4) Don’t worry about perfection. That’s what editing is for.  Just write.  Write for yourself and nobody else.  You can tweak it later for your audience.

5) Break up your work time here and there to allow your brain to rest.  If you work for four or five hours straight, your brain will get tired.  Refresh yourself and your writing by taking a 5 or 10 minute break about every hour or hour and a half.  Stretch, get some fresh air, refill your coffee cup, and then get back at it!

To your riches!


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Should You Save Money On Production By Excluding Photos?

Are you on a tight budget and thinking of saving money on booklet production by not including photos?  Sometimes this is a good idea.  And sometimes it isn’t…..

Your Pride And Joy

Your booklet is your newest accomplishment – your pride and joy.  You want to be able to show it off proudly.  You want your name on the cover to shine.  And you want it to look professional.

But, your budget is telling you that you can’t afford it all.  You can’t afford a full color cover.  You can’t afford to have photos printed inside.  You can’t afford this, and can’t afford that.  So, you decide to skip the photos inside.  Maybe you can just write a few extra words to explain the concept.

Some Don’t, Some Do

Some booklets don’t need photos inside.  These booklets can convey a concept without them.  But, other booklets simply must have photos.  Without them, the reader will be lost and won’t be able to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and, in the case of your booklet, this may be true.  It’s better to spend the extra money for a photo or two so that your reader can understand a concept, than trying to explain it in words. First, because your reader is reading your booklet for a quick overview or understanding of your subject, and adding more words makes your booklet a longer read.  And second, because making your booklet a longer read will add extra pages and may end up costing you more than simply adding the photo(s) would.

It’s Not Quite So Black And White

Adding photos is an individual decision that must be based upon your particular title and subject matter. If your booklet, for example, is a recipe booklet, photos are a nice addition to show the desired outcome.  But, photos are not necessary for recipe booklets.  Your readers can follow the recipes without them.

If, however, you’re trying to give step by step instructions or explain something that your reader is unfamiliar with, your booklet may require photos.  You may be able to save a little money by using black and white photos rather than color, but this will depend upon the photos you intend to use and the theme of your booklet as well as your intended audience. Sometimes you just have to use color.  There’s no getting around it.  Other times black and white will work fine.

There are many ways you can save money on production (see the link below).  But, when you do, your message shouldn’t suffer the consequences. It should still be clear, and your booklet should still appear professional.  Cutting the wrong corners might save you a little money today, but it can cost you far more in the future.

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: How Quality Control Keeps Customers Happy

You may have heard the term “quality control,” but have you ever thought about what it means?  In a nutshell, quality control is simply making sure the customer receives what they were supposed to, or what was expected.

You’ve probably eaten at McDonnald’s at least once in your life.  Imagine you ordered a chicken sandwich and it came with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes on it.  You enjoyed it very much, and so you returned to McDonnald’s on another day and you ordered the same sandwich.  But, this time there was no tomato. You would be disappointed because your sandwich was not the same as the last time you had it.

The same is true of your customers when they order your booklets.  Whether you are selling your booklets in large quantities to bulk buyers or one at a time to individuals, or both, your customers have (or will have) a certain level of expectation from you regarding your service and your booklets.

Make sure your standard of quality control is high.  Every booklet you write should contain valuable information for your audience, and each booklet should look like a professionally put together product. Anything less will be the equivalent of the missing tomato or worse!

To your riches!


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