The One Thing You Were Born To Do

Each of us are born with a unique identity and way of looking at the world.  You possess certain talents and characteristics in a specific combination, that nobody else on this earth has.  This means that while there are many things you can do, there is really only one thing you were born to do.

You Already Have What It Takes

Many people can write, but not everyone is born to be a writer.  Good writing takes more than a knowledge of grammar and sentence structure.  In fact, sometimes grammar and sentence structure must be thrown out in order to reach a particular audience.

Good writing takes passion and dedication.  It takes heart and soul.  And, the only way to achieve that is to have a passion for a subject that is unrivaled by anyone else. That’s the only way you will succeed.  Yet, you already have what it takes thanks to your particular genetic make-up and your particular life experiences.

Oprah’s Defining Moment

For example, Oprah, in spite of all her fame and fortune, said that her life’s purpose came down to one thing – the creation of a school in Africa for girls from poor families who otherwise would never have the opportunity to study and make something of themselves.  For all her riches, Oprah’s entire career came down to that one defining moment, that one defining action.

Who else could have created that school?  Certainly there were others with the money to do it, but they lacked the influence needed and passion required.  And certainly there were others with the influence, but they lacked the money and the passion.  And, there must have been many with the passion, but they had neither the influence nor the money.  Only Oprah possessed all three, and only Oprah created the school. She is quoted on her show as saying that this is what she was born to do.

A Work That Only You Can Do

You are also born to do something.  You were born to write or you would not be reading this blog, but you were not born to write about any ordinary subject.  You were born to write about something very specific.  It is your life’s purpose, or at least a part of it.  Your booklet will help others in a way that nothing else can.  Your booklet will add something very special to the world, because you are unique with a unique viewpoint.  It is a work that only you can do.

Yes, many people could write about your subject.  But, nobody else will write about it in quite the same way you will.  Nobody else will be able to reach the same audience on the same level that you will.

Suze Orman is a classic example of this.  How many books have been written about personal finances?  Yet, Suze Orman took it to a completely different level. She had a true passion for it.  She cared about her audience.  And she combined that passion and caring with her knowledge to help millions – making millions for herself in the process.

You are unique.  Your booklet is or will be unique.  You were born for this.  Your audience is waiting.  What are YOU waiting for?

To your riches!


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