Why Are You Here?

So, you’ve been coming to this blog for a while now (and if you’re new here listen up because this applies to you too!) and reading all the great posts.  But, how much have you actually implemented?

Implementation Trumps Knowledge

Gaining knowledge is important, but implementation trumps knowledge.  You can subscribe to this blog and read every single post several times over, but if you never implement any of what you learn here, you’ve wasted your time.

The reason for learning is so that you can go and do.  What does it matter if you know everything there is to know about creating a booklet and making money from it if you never actually write that booklet?  What difference does it make if you have vast knowledge about building a booklet publishing empire if you never take those first few steps to build it?

Come, Read, Then Go And Do

Someone once said that the greatest source of wealth lies buried in cemeteries.  They were alluding to the fact that most people die with all of their knowledge still trapped inside them, because they never implemented any of it to create a better life for themselves or better the world in any way.

This blog is not meant to be something you come to and read over and over again.  It is meant to be something you come to, read, and then go do. Come back, read more, and go do.

It’s Time

If you’re new here and just getting started, take this advice to heart.  Read, create a plan, and implement your plan. You’re starting fresh, and there is no greater place to be.  You’ve got so much before you, and you’re in a place of great anticipation for what lies ahead.  Use that excitement to your advantage – by actually implementing the things you read as you go.  Let it build up momentum and it will keep you going.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve already got a vast amount of knowledge stored up.  Use it!  Implement it!  IT’S NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU ANY MONEY JUST SITTING IN YOUR HEAD! 2010 will be over in a snap.  What was it you said you wanted to accomplish this year?  A completed booklet?  A series?  Doubling your sales?  Whatever it was, did you do it?  If you did, what’s next?  If you didn’t, why not?

Don’t read and ponder for an eternity.  Read and do. That’s what this blog is for, and why you should be here!  Whether you’re new here or you’re a seasoned reader, now is the time to implement your knowledge!  And if you need extra help getting started, click the link in my PS below.  I’ve got a product that can help you!

To your riches!


PS: Here’s the link for extra help I promised you!  Click here now!

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