Quick Tip: Why Letting Your Ideas Sit Is A Bad Idea

Have you ever come up with a great idea for a booklet, new product, or some procedure for your business and then later either forgotten about it or thrown it out?  The sad truth is, most of our good ideas never see the light of day.

Most of us will think over an idea before we take action.  This is wise.  But, all too often what happens is you end up sleeping on it for too many nights, until you either forget about the idea entirely or you talk yourself out of it.

Some ideas are bad ideas.  They just won’t work for you for one reason or another.  But, you have more good ideas than you think you do. And those ideas deserve the chance to be implemented and flourish.

Don’t sit on your ideas for too long.  Think them through for a short time.  Do whatever checking you need to do.  And then, if your idea is a winner, forge ahead before you convince yourself that it can’t be done.  Your ideas are unique.  The world is waiting for them.  Get going!

To your riches!


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