A Deal Is A Deal – Or, Is It?

As a marketer I keep up with general trends, and there is one I’ve noticed that I believe is worthy of mention here – not because it’s a good thing – but in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Times Have Changed

Once upon a time, a deal was really a deal – as in a good one. You could clip a coupon or go through the coupon packs you got in the mail, and save some money.  But, times have changed.  Maybe you’ve noticed it too.

These days good deals are much harder to find.  While there are still plenty of coupons around, their value has diminished. Remember the days of buy one get one free?  Today, this kind of coupon is rare.  You are much more likely to find coupons for buy one, get one half price.  Or, buy two and get one free.

The half off deals have diminished as well.  You don’t see coupons that say you will save 50% nearly as much as you see coupons for saving 30% or even less.

Restaurants – An Example Of Sleazy Marketing Tactics

The restaurant industry is well known for using coupons to get people in the door.  But, they’ve changed their tactics.  It used to be you could get a free meal with a coupon when you bought a second meal of equal or lesser value.  Now, you can get a free meal when you buy a second meal of equal or lesser value and two beverages.

So what, you say, beverages don’t cost much.  Really?  Have you checked the prices of beverages in restaurants lately?  If you’re paying $8.00 – $10.00 for your meal, your beverages could easily amount to half that much – meaning you’re paying for half of that second, “free” meal!

And, to top it off, if you have a child you are buying a meal for, some restaurants will give you the child’s meal for free and charge you full price for the adult meals! So, if you’ve purchased two beverages in order to get a meal for free and the free meal turns out to be the child’s meal, you’ve paid for that meal anyway. You haven’t saved anything.  This is sleazy marketing.

Never Underestimate The Intelligence Of Your Customers

So, what’s all this got to do with your booklet adventure, you ask?  Simply this – your customers are smarter than you think they are. The marketing tactics I mentioned above are bad strategies because on the surface someone might believe that they are getting a good deal.  But, when the bill comes and the customer figures out he’s been duped, he’s going to leave never to return, and he might just warn a few other potential customers along the way.

You want to get new customers to buy your booklets, but you want to reach out to those customers in a way that will endear them to you – not drive them away.  You want happy customers because happy customers come back. And if your customers are not only happy but thrilled, there is a good chance they will tell others about your booklets.

The bottom line is this.  If you’re going to offer your customers a deal, make sure it’s really deal. Don’t try to sneak in something to offset your losses.  Just offer a plain, old fashioned fair deal that treats your customers like they have at least some intelligence.  You want your customers to trust you.  They won’t do business with you otherwise.

To your riches!


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