Quick tip: The Most Crucial Aspect Of The Sales Process

Your printed copies have just arrived and now it’s time to get them on the market.  But how will your audience recieve them?  Will they be flying off the shelves or will they sit?  The difference has to do with how you present your booklet.

Have you ever watched an infomercial that presented a product you just had to have?  What made you want to buy the product? It was the way the infomercial presented it.  Maybe it would make you thinner.  Maybe it would help you do a task faster.  Or maybe it would help to beautify your home.  And whether or not the product lived up to your expectations it was the presentation that got you to buy.

The quality of your booklet is important but it is secondary to your presentation. Whether your presentation is a phone call, a letter, is done on a website, or even face to face, presenting your booklet in a compelling way that tells your audience how your booklet can meet their needs is crucial to getting them to buy.

To your riches!


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