Why Bundling Your Booklets Pays Off Big

Last week while I was out shopping, I saw something I had never seen before.  I was looking at DVD’s when I saw something very clever which the movie industry has done.

They have taken four classic films and put them on one disc, and they sell that one disk for one low price – about half of what you would pay for a newer, single title.

This is smart marketing, and it applies to booklets or just about anything else.  Companies will often bundle several products together and offer them for one low price.  This does two things.  It gives the customer a deal, and it helps the company sell more products or get rid of those products which haven’t been moving very well.

Of course, it’s difficult to do this if you’ve only got one booklet on the market.  But, when you’ve got several, it’s a snap!  Why not bundle a series together?  Or bundle some older titles that you need to unload?  You can even bundle your booklets with other products you sell, such as cd’s!

There are riches in bundles!  What ideas can you come up with to bundle your own products?

To your riches!


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2 responses to “Why Bundling Your Booklets Pays Off Big

  1. Hi,
    Bundling is a great idea, especially if you have a topic which calls for a series of booklets. I have a lot of ideas for it, but I haven’t had time to start on it yet. Busy with plans for our 5oth Anniversary party coming this weekend. Afterwards I will try and work on my writing. I really do want to publish my ideas. I use to publish newsletters back in the late 80’s, long before I had a computer. Now it will be even easier to write and publish them myself. I look forward to doing it. I still have copies of my newsletters, and I can reuse some of the articles, and I can freshen them up. Thanks for all the info you send me

    • Happy anniversary, Joan! WOW!!! 50 years! Congratulations! And you’ve got the right idea with using your newsletters to create booklets. It should make getting your booklets written a snap!

      Thanks for reading!


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