The Four Essentials For Writing Your Best

Here are four tips to help you write your best work and get that booklet DONE!

1)  Write when you’re able to relax. If you try to write when you’re under stress, you won’t be able to clear your mind and focus on your subject.

2)  Write when you’re fresh and awake. Fatigue interferes with your concentration.

3)  Write when you can have uninterrupted time. If you’re busy with other things, trying to do more than one thing at a time, you won’t get much writing done.  You might need to schedule your writing time into your day.

4)  When you’re on a roll, don’t stop! Once that momentum is going, if you interrupt it to do something else, you’ll find it’s difficult to get back into your writing with the same rhythm.

To your riches!


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One response to “The Four Essentials For Writing Your Best

  1. This is not directly related to this post. I just wanted to remind folks that now is the time to hit the school sales at office supply places, Target, Walmart, and get stuff cheap. Sometimes there are limits on quantity, but not always. I hit a couple of stores for their ‘lost leaders’ and stock up on composition books, paper, binders, etc. for 10-15 cents apiece. At those prices, I load up every year and spend maybe five bucks. To me, nothing inspires a new project like a spiral notebook full of empty pages. Even though I write on a computer, I plan, make notes, gather research, keep lists, in a spiral notebook. At ten cents, I can afford to have lots of them.

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