Are You Out Of Touch With YOUR Audience?

Knowing your audience is essential to your success as a booklet author. For example, if you’re writing a booklet for teens entering college this year, and you’re over the age of twenty, you’re probably seriously out of touch with this age group.

Here is a list of things you probably never thought of about this particular market.  And if teens are not your market, how out of touch are you with your own market?

1) Teens who are just entering college this fall were born in 1992. Does that sound like yesterday to you?  It’s a lifetime for them.

2) The new college crowd don’t write cursive. They were never taught cursive in school.  And they are generally not taught keyboarding either.  They went to kindergarten knowing how to type.

3) Starbucks has always existed.

4) Korean cars have always been on the highway in abundance.

5) Who needs a wrist watch when you have a cell phone? Oh, and cell phones have always been the norm, by the way.

6) Their first computer is now in a museum. And, they don’t remember a time before the home p.c.

7) There was never any such place as Czechoslavakia.

8) They have never felt any concern about Russia attacking the United States.

Interested in reading more about this particular market?  Click here.

Know your market and reap the riches!

To your riches!


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