The Sad Truth About Doing Business In Your Underwear

Several years ago a new title hit the market.  It was called, “How You Can Make $4,000 A Day, Sitting At Your Kitchen Table, In Your Underwear.” This title sums up the thinking of the average wanna be entrepreneur who believes that working from home will be so leisurely that he doesn’t even need to get dressed all day.  But, this kind of thinking is a BIG mistake!

Passion Leads To Drive

In order to accomplish anything, you need to have drive. Drive comes from a desire so great that it keeps you up at night.  You can’t sleep, because all you can think about is this thing you want to do – such as writing a booklet or creating a new product for your readers.

As if sleepless nights weren’t enough, your waking hours aren’t much better as your every thought and every plan is captive to your drive. But where does this drive come from?  Passion. When you are passionate about your subject, you will be driven to create that booklet.  When you are passionate about your business, you will be driven to help it grow.

Why You Don’t Want To Get Too Comfortable

Passion leads to drive, but many would be booklet authors never get that far.  They never get beyond their passion.  Why?  Because they have the mistaken idea that they can do business in their PJ’s, and this doesn’t create drive. It creates drain.

I used to believe this lie – that I could get up late, stay in my PJ’s half the day, and get something done.  It doesn’t work.  There is such a thing as being too comfortable, and when you’re all comfy and cozy the last thing you feel like doing is working – even if it is work you love. It’s much more relaxing to sit in the jacuzzi or eat a leisurely brunch (because you slept in so late you missed breakfast!) than it is to actually go and do some writing, or deal with designers and printers, or follow up on that sales call.

Keep Those Vampires Away

Sitting around in your underwear all day may sound like a little slice of utopia to anyone who has ever had to get up at the crack of dawn and go to a 9-5 job.  Just the mental image of that makes it seem so easy to do business from home and rake in big bucks.

But, the truth is, it makes you non-productive.  It sucks out all your energy, and leaves you vulnerable to all the “comforts” of home – those time thirsty vampires that romance you at every turn – and ONLY WHEN DAY IS DONE DO YOU REALIZE THE HOURS THEY’VE TAKEN FROM YOU.

Instead, you should set your alarm clock just as you would for any other job.  Sure, you can set it for an hour later, but don’t sleep half the day away or you won’t get anything done.  Get up, get dressed, and you’ll feel energized and ready to go to work – even if you only need to commute as far as your kitchen table.

Doing business in your underwear (or your PJ’s, or bathrobe, or what have you) sounds like bliss in theory.  But, in reality it breeds slothfulness.  GET UP, GET GOING, AND GET PAID!

To your riches!



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2 responses to “The Sad Truth About Doing Business In Your Underwear

  1. Absolutely the truth! I tried it too. Too often found myself at noon, still sitting around in a bath robe! I decided that even if I didn’t have somewhere to go or a clock to punch, I’d get back on a schedule, get up early, get showered, get dressed, and be ready for the day. Not only do you get more done, you feel so much better doing it.

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