Quick Tip: Learn A Little, And Then Do

When you discover something new, do you delve in deep and learn everything you can about it?  Learning takes an investment of time and/or money, and it’s good to educate yourself.  But, for some people, learning becomes an end, rather than the means to an end.

It’s probably happened to you.  You needed more information before you could proceed with your project, whether it was a booklet or other product, and so you absorbed everything you could on the subject.  But, after a while, you lost sight of what you were really trying to accomplish. You learned more and more, and never got around to actually doing what it was you were educating yourself to do.

Learning should never stand in the way of doing. Learn a little, and then do.  And then learn a little more, and then do a little more.  That is how you accomplish great things!

To your riches!


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