How To Avoid Burnout And Keep The Money Coming

When you’re at the start of your booklet adventure, everything is new and exciting.  You’ve got dreams and goals, and visions of what your company will look like in the future.  There is so much you want to do you can hardly wait to get started.  But, if you aren’t careful, you’ll soon find yourself so overwhelmed you won’t even want to think about booklets.

Putting The Horse First

Enthusiasm is part of being a writer.  It goes along with the passion you feel toward your subject.  It’s natural be excited when you begin your booklet adventure.  But, you can’t do everything at once. The horse must come before the cart.

A small company precedes a large one, and a single booklet precedes a series.  This is the way it is, and it’s beneficial because if you can’t run the small company, you certainly won’t be able to run the large one. The small company gives you the experience you need in order to run the larger one.

Likewise, the single booklet gives you an idea of how your particular market will receive it. There’s no point in creating a series if nobody is interested in the first title.  But, if that first title does well, then you might not only create the series, but other products to go with it.

Pacing Yourself

What it really boils down to is two things.  The first is pacing yourself, and the second is timing.  Pacing yourself is important.  If you don’t pace yourself, your booklet adventure will seem more like a booklet nightmare. It will be like a runaway train with no brakes, and you’ll feel like things are spinning out of control and moving too fast.

Pacing yourself means moving at YOUR pace, not someone else’s.  After all, your business is not your life. Rather, your business is there to enhance your life, and help you live the kind of life you want to.

How fast you go depends on the other things you have going on in your life, and your desire to see your business grow.  But, the speed at which you move forward should always feel comfortable and exciting. It should never feel overwhelming or stressful.  If it does, slow down.

The Importance Of Timing

Timing is extremely important in any business, and especially so in the publishing arena.  While you must pace yourself, you must also pay attention to timing.  Timing is what makes the difference between making the sale, and losing out.

If you publish a booklet and your audience snaps it up quickly, the time is ripe to publish the next one in the series.  Interest is hot, and you need to take advantage of that.  If you wait, your audience may grow cold.

You see this all the time with everything from television shows to products on store shelves you buy every day, to toys, yes, even books.  One television show is a success, and the next thing you see is a spin off.  A product does well, and suddenly you see new varieties of the same thing.  A toy is a hit, and similar toys are created.  A book hits the best seller list, and suddenly there’s a workbook and video and journal to go with it.

Pacing yourself will help you avoid burnout, and paying attention to timing will help grow your bank account.  It’s no fun being rich if you’re stressed out all the time, and you can’t relax when your financial needs are not being met. When you balance pacing and timing together, you will feel energized, which will make you a better writer and a better business person, and your bank account will grow at the same time!

To your riches!


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