Don’t Ruminate, Motivate!

No matter what you’re working on in your booklet adventure there’s one thing you need to remember. You need to motivate your audience to do something.  Information is a cheap commodity these days, but information that motivates people to action is rare.

When people buy information products, booklets or otherwise, they aren’t putting down their hard earned cash to learn about something.  They’re putting down their hard earned cash because they expect that information to change something for them, and the only way that change can take place is if they DO something to make that change happen.  But, it’s easier to read than it is to do. Your job is to motivate the reader to take action.

You can’t control whether people will take action or not.  But, if you get them fired up about it they’ll believe in you and your products and they’ll continue to buy them.

To your riches!


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