The Real Measure Of Success And How The Rich And Famous Got It Wrong

What is your vision of riches?  If you’re like most people, your vision of riches probably includes loads of cash.  Maybe your vision also includes fancy cars, boats, a larger home or a mansion, exotic vacations, and anything else your mind can conjure up from the lifestyles of the rich and famous. All of these things are nice, and yes, if you set goals and work to achieve them, you can have them.  But, there’s much more to being rich than fancy cars and exotic vacations.

All Those Miserable Rich People

There are plenty of rich people in the world who are miserable.  Among them is one of the top business men in the world – Donald Trump.  This man has amassed a great fortune, yet it cost him everything he had. How can that be, you might wonder, since he can buy pretty much anything on the planet and everything he touches seems to turn to gold?

Donald Trump’s fortune came at the cost of his family. His personal life is nothing to be admired.  He is a man to emulate in the business world – to an extent – but you have to know when to say enough is enough, and I don’t mean you need to turn down money, I mean you need to know when to call it a day and go spend some time with your kids or grandkids.  Family is one of the greatest riches of all.

Why The Rich Are So Miserable

Why is it that Donald Trump and so many others like him are so miserable?  How did they let this happen to them?  It happened because they measured themselves by the wrong standard.  They compared themselves to someone else who seemed to be doing better than they were – someone with more money and more success – and they felt like failures, even if they had achieved a good measure of success by normal standards.

You can’t measure your success by someone else’s.  Most people have a very screwed up idea of what success is. And even if they don’t, what makes them happy probably won’t make you happy.  The only measurement you should have for your success is YOUR OWN IDEA OF SUCCESS, based on your goals and your performance in meeting those goals.

In other words, the only person you can compare yourself to – is you! You can compare where you are today to where you were at this time last year, and where you want to be this time next year.  And you can be happy when you meet your goals and feel a sense of accomplishment because most people don’t even set goals let alone try to achieve them.

The Real Measure Of Success

Comparing yourself to others as a measurement of success only leads to your failure – even if you achieve all the money you could ever want. Why?  Because there will always be someone with more money and more stuff than you have, and if they are your measurement of success, you’ll never have enough.  And you’ll never be happy.

Most of the very rich people on the planet today would tell you that it’s not about the money as much as it is the freedom that money can buy you.  That’s really what money does.  Stuff is just stuff.  Sure, some stuff is pretty neat, but who cares about having alot of stuff if you never have the time to enjoy it? If you’re working your backside off 24/7 so that you can achieve some level of success that someone else has reached, you’re going to be working too hard to enjoy anything.

Decide on your own level of success.  Don’t let anyone dictate that for you.  And don’t just think in terms of money and things.  Think in terms of freedom – the freedom to spend time with family, to go where you want to when you want to, and not having to worry about punching a time clock or answering to a boss. Money is just a means to an end.  It’s a resource. Spend it wisely.

Stay focused.  You’ll reach your goals, and yes, you can even get very rich.  But, don’t let it cost you everything you have.  Don’t let it get in the way of what matters most to you.

To your riches!


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5 responses to “The Real Measure Of Success And How The Rich And Famous Got It Wrong

  1. Dear Kim,

    When we find what is wrong with what it is we desire, we repel what we desire. I happen to know many rich people that are happy and have a wonderful home life. I know many poor and middle class people who are miserable.

    It is not the income that is the determining factor. It is your personal lifestyle and your personal values. Being rich or poor is not the determining factor … it is who you are in yourself.

    Your subheadlines could also read:

    All Those Miserable Poor People
    All Those Miserable Middle Class People
    Why the Poor Are So Miserable
    Why the Middle Class Are So Miserable

    Do what you love, stay true to your values, accept abundance as it comes in and, yes,
    do not measure yourself by others … only by yourself.

    • Hi Cathy.

      Yes, you’re absolutely right about my subheads. There are many middle class and poor people who are miserable, but why? The truly poor and destitute, the ones who are starving and naked, are easy to understand. But, the middle class? Don’t they get three meals a day? Don’t they have nice clothes to wear and a car to drive? By the standards of many who are truly poor in other countries, such as India, these middle class people are rich beyond measure.

      Doing what you love is important. Life is too short to spend it doing something you don’t enjoy. And wanting more is not a bad thing. That’s human nature. It’s ok to want more money and work toward that goal, as long as you don’t lose yourself or your family and friends in the process. Like you said, stay true to your values.

      From my perspective, the whole point of owning a business (booklets or otherwise) is to have more freedom to do what you enjoy and be with the ones you love. If you’re so focused on money that all you do is work, you’re missing out on the true riches.

      I appreciate your comment. It’s very insightful.


  2. Larry Morrison

    Someone once said real estate is the best investment because they aren’t making any more of it. But real estate can be repurposed, reused, torn down and stared over, added to, and renovated. Time is the ultimate commodity. It’s in short supply, every person has a finite, limited amount of it, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Your time IS your life. How will you spend it?

    • Hi Larry!

      Let’s not forget that real estate can also be devalued!

      You have made the ultimate point, which I have discussed on this blog a few times. Time is our most precious asset, and if we spend ALL of it in the pursuit of money and things, we will miss out on the true riches of life – time spent with our loved ones. What good is it to have all the material things you could ever want if you have nobody to share them with?

      This is a blog about riches, and money is a big part of that, but time is more precious than money. Someone once stated that nobody has ever said, when on their deathbed, that they wished they had spent more time at the office.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us once again!


  3. Larry Morrison

    uh…sorry…that would be, “STARTED over.”

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