The Seven Criminal Offenses Of Booklet Writing

Commit these offenses at your peril.

1)  Greed. When you write a booklet for the sole purpose of making money, you have committed this offense.  Yes, you want to make money, that’s why you are in business.  But no, making money isn’t the ONLY reason you’re writing a booklet.  Your #1 reason for writing a booklet should be to help people.

2)  Laziness. Nobody gets a free ride in this life.  Sure, writing a booklet is pretty easy work, but you still have to do some work.  You still have to do something to make something happen.

3)  Haste. Put some thought and effort into all that you create.

4)  Dullness. This one’s a real killer.  If your booklet is uninteresting, why would anyone consider buying it?

5)  Cloning. Don’t try to be like someone else.  Your audience wants to hear from YOU!

6)  Insignificance. Booklets are small.  Only truly relevant information should be included.

7)  Arrogance. Remember, it’s not about you.  It’s about your audience.  Always keep it about them.  Write to them and for them.  And when you rake in those riches, be grateful to them.

To your riches!


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