Writer Or Author – Which One Are You?

Would you rather be perceived as a writer, or as an author? What’s the difference?  Mooooola, baby!

Writers Are Hired

Writers have long been associated with articles and shorter works, writing works for hire. They are usually not considered professionals in the sense of any particular subject, but rather they are professionals of the written word itself.

In days gone by, writers were hired to produce newspaper and magazine articles, as well as fillers such as short stories.  And because writers were (and still are) a dime a dozen, the writing profession has never been a terribly lucrative one. Competition in the writing field is staggering, which is amazing when you consider that these people are being paid, literally, by the job, and the pay is usually very little.

Today, writers create a great many works both offline and on.  They can produce fiction or non-fiction, and often a  writer will produce both.  Blog posts, promotional pieces, letters, articles, and website copy are just some of the things today’s writers create.

Authors Work For Themselves

By contrast, the author is usually NOT hired to create any particular work (although there are some exceptions to this, such as in the case of ghost writing).  The author is considered a professional on a particular subject, and writes about that subject in the form of a book or booklet.

Unlike the writer, the author generally works for him or herself. In doing this, the author is able to sell their work (their book or booklet) over and over again as opposed to selling it only once to their employer.

While it might seem that authors today are a dime a dozen, there is very little competition among them. This is because even when an author writes about the same subject as another author, the first author will usually offer different information or choose a different angle.  Books within the weight loss genre are proof of this.

So, What’s It Going To Be?

Writers create an article, letter, blog post, promotional piece, or whatever they were hired to do, and then they’re on to the next job.  They work hard, and they are often not paid even minimum wage for their time when you consider the amount of time they might spend on any one job.

The author, however, is not working a job for hire.  The author is working for him or herself, and in doing so, he or she is creating a business that can go far beyond the book or booklet originally created.

Because of their professional standing and expertise in a particular subject area, the author may receive speaking invitations, or may teach classes related to their subject.  And while these are usually one time gigs, they can pay extremely well. An author is also usually considered a celebrity, a title which may bring numerous opportunities with it.

The lifestyle of a writer isn’t all that different from the lifestyle of someone working a 9 – 5 job, with the exception that the writer might work from home.  But, the author’s lifestyle is different in just about every way. The author’s lifestyle might include opportunities for travel, and the time for extended vacations that the writer would never have, as well as a certain amount of fame and, oh yes, fortune!

There are always exceptions to the rule, but given a choice wouldn’t you rather be an author than a writer?

To your riches!


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2 responses to “Writer Or Author – Which One Are You?

  1. Larry Morrison

    Good point, Kim! I’ve also heard it said that there is a big difference between writing a book(let) and having a media company. As a media business, you might take the same information published in a booklet and put it in other formats, such as CDs, DVDs, study guides, directories, ebooks, etc.

    • Thanks, Larry, and you’ve hit it right on once again! These days, just about any company is a media company with all the technology we have at our fingertips. But, when you write a booklet, you’re creating an information product (unless it’s a work of fiction), and info products lend themselves very well to other formats. Quite simply, it’s just another way to make money with something you’ve already created, and it never hurts to have several income streams flowing in at once!


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