Quick Tip: How To Easily Create A New Booklet

So you published a booklet three years ago and sales have dwindled.  What do you do, write a new booklet?  Well, you could do that.  But, it’s much easier to revise your old one – thereby creating a new one!

Revising a booklet is simple.  It means going back through the booklet and updating anything that is out of date, or adding new information that you’ve aquired since your booklet was first published.  If you only update a few things in your booklet, it will be revised.  But, if you update the entire booklet, it will be completely revised.  And if you add new information, you can promote the booklet as being revised with newly added information.

It’s much easier to revise something you’ve already created than it is to create something completely new.  And, the best part is that everyone who purchased your booklet when it first hit the market will be interested in the updated version!

To your riches!


PS: You can’t revise something you haven’t created yet.  Are you ready to get started?  Click here now!

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