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Quick Tip: Raking In Big Profits With Holiday Handouts

With the summer behind us, it’s that time of year when merchants are gearing up for the holiday season – making plans to rake in big profits.

You can rake in big profits too, when you offer your booklet to merchants as a holiday handout.  Your booklet might be just the thing that XYZ company was looking for to get customers to buy more – by offering your booklet to customers when they purchase a certain dollar amount.

Or, your booklet could be the answer to their question, “How can we thank our customers for shopping with us this year?”

Or, your booklet could be used as a door buster prize. The first X number of people to come in the door after the store opens, gets the prize – your booklet!

Or, the booklet could be used as a thank you gift by a mail order company, sent with the customer’s purchase.

Now is the time to make those contacts and let merchants know that you’ve got the answer to their question, “How are we going to get people in the door this year?”  And when those merchants buy from you, they’ll be buying by the thousands!

To your riches!


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Why This Successful Author Of 12 Titles Says He’s Done With Traditional Publishing

Is traditional book publishing worth the effort? Seth Godin says no.  If you’ve never heard of Seth Godin, he’s the author of 12 titles – all published through traditional means.

Seth has stated that he’s finished with traditional publishing.  He claims that it’s just not worth the effort that it takes to make it work, and from my own standpoint, he’s right.

Traditional book publishing is a very long, slow process which excludes most authors. Seth was one of the lucky ones.  He got in, got published and made some serious money.  But, he’s the exception, not the norm – even for the handful of other authors who do get in.  Most authors make very little money through traditional publishing means.

This is one of the reasons why I make such a strong case for booklets.  They’re small and easy to self publish – both electronically and in print.  And although Seth publishes books rather than booklets, what he has to say regarding traditional publishing applies across the board.

Here is a link to the article about Seth Godin and his decision not to publish any more books through traditional means.  See what you think and please feel free to post your comments below.

To your riches!


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The Four Essentials For Writing Your Best

Here are four tips to help you write your best work and get that booklet DONE!

1)  Write when you’re able to relax. If you try to write when you’re under stress, you won’t be able to clear your mind and focus on your subject.

2)  Write when you’re fresh and awake. Fatigue interferes with your concentration.

3)  Write when you can have uninterrupted time. If you’re busy with other things, trying to do more than one thing at a time, you won’t get much writing done.  You might need to schedule your writing time into your day.

4)  When you’re on a roll, don’t stop! Once that momentum is going, if you interrupt it to do something else, you’ll find it’s difficult to get back into your writing with the same rhythm.

To your riches!


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Why Climbing The Ladder Of Success Is A Bad Idea

The ladder of success is a metaphor in the business world for working your way to the top.  The image of climbing the ladder, rung by rung, represents a great deal of sweat, and probably some blood and tears as well.  But, is this really the best way to get to the top?

The Corporate Ladder

You’ve probably heard of the corporate ladder.  This is where the ladder of success is most often applied, and it was created to keep those on the lower rungs in line.  It creates an image of the top dog having earned his way to where he is, and all of those “under” him are submissive to him.

But, the corporate ladder doesn’t apply to your booklet adventure. In your day to day business activities you are both the underling and the top dog.  You are the creator of the products, the sales guy, the marketer, and the shipping clerk.  You wear ALL the hats, at least in the beginning.

You Work For You

Since you are the head person of your own business, you’re already at the top. You don’t need to climb a ladder to succeed.  You don’t need to work by the sweat of your brow and hope that some boss will notice how hard you work and pat you on the back and maybe give you a bonus.  You don’t work for “them.” You work for YOU – for yourself and your family.

Climbing the ladder of success takes time.  It takes time because you have to wait for someone else’s approval in order to move to the next rung.  You have to prove yourself by giving everything you’ve got in terms of knowledge and energy, and putting in enough hours – usually including overtime, and even then it may not be enough because the next rung up on the ladder may already be taken.  You might do an excellent job and be ready to move up, but someone else is in your way.  That rung is already occupied.

Thinking In Bigger Terms

Running your own business not only means you’re already at the top, it also means you don’t have to wait to move forward.  You may work with the corporate world, but you’re outside of it.  You don’t have to play by their rules.

Instead of trying to climb the ladder of success, what you really want to do in your business is make giant leaps forward. You want to think in big terms, not small ones.  You don’t have to take little baby steps to get to where you want to go.  You can jump as far as you want to, whenever you want to.

Forget the ladder of success.  You don’t need it.  It will only slow you down.  You need to think bigger.  There’s no hierarchy in your booklet adventure. It’s just you, your ambition, and your dreams.

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: Lose Your Cell Phone, Or At Least Turn It Off

Sometimes it’s good to go against the norm.  We are a world which communicates mainly by cell phone.  But, unlike the days in which the land line was the only choice, cell phone communication has been taken to an extreme – one which interrupts even the most intimate of moments – like peeing and sex. How many times have you been in a public restroom when the person in the stall next to you took a phone call?

Cell phones are draining productivity on a global level. And while they do have their place, such as in an emergency, using them irresponsibly has its repercussions.

Below is the link to an article I found on Business Week.  It seems more than a few of the worlds business elite are taking the lead and either turning off their cell phones or getting rid of them altogether.

Click here to read the article.

I look forward to your comments!

To your riches!


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The Winning Combination That Will Unlock Piles Of Riches For You

Last week I wrote a post about doing business in your underwear.  If you haven’t read that post, you should because it ties in to what I’m about to write for today.  Here’s the link in case you missed it:  Doing Business In Your Underwear

Just as trying to do business in your underwear drains your energy and makes you unproductive, so does not planning and using the time you have appropriately.

Your To Do List

When you get up in the morning, you should have a plan laid out, ready for you to follow.  This includes:

  • A well thought out, prioritized to do list, that won’t overwhelm you
  • A schedule – your work hours
  • The determination to work like a speeding bullet, honing in on your target (whatever it is you’re doing that needs to get done)

Now, let’s take each of these one by one, starting with your to do list.  I have talked at length about the to do list on this blog because it is of such vital importance to your productivity. You need something to to help you get from where you are to where you want to be – a road map.  Your to do list is a little piece of that road map which you will travel each day.

Without a to do list it’s easy to become distracted.  You can think about the things you need to do, but until you write them down and actually see the list in front of you, you won’t be truly motivated to do those things.  You might get one or two of them done, but seeing all of the things on your list at once will help you realize just how much you need to do in contrast to the amount of time you have to do it.

Have you ever received one of those Publisher’s Clearing House packets in the mail?  Remember how they wanted you to remove the sticker and place it on another page to claim your prize or bonus?  They do this to get you to become physically involved. Studies have shown that people who become physically involved are more likely to follow through – in this case with a sale.

The same psychology works with your list.  By actually writing down the tasks you need to accomplish you are becoming physically involved.  It compels you to attempt to get as much done on your list as possible.  Once completed, Crossing each task off will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Your Schedule

Your schedule is the hours you’ve decided that you will work each day.  This might vary once in a while, for example if you need some time off for a special event or appointment, but for the most part your work hours should remain constant from day to day.

With a steady work schedule, your family and friends will learn to respect your work day.  It makes it easier for them to know when they can call you or stop by or plan a lunch date.  Without a set schedule, your friends and family won’t know when you’re working and when you’re not, and they’re more likely to interrupt you when you least want them to.  It won’t be intentional on their part, and when you tell them you’re busy at work, they’ll feel bad about having disturbed you.  Eventually, they may become afraid to call you at all because they won’t want to interrupt your work time.  Having a set schedule removes the fear and awkwardness, and makes everyone happy.

Scheduling your work hours also lets your customers and clients know when they can reach you by phone.  This is especially important if you’re planning on achieving large quantity sales. Most businesses, with few exceptions, keep business hours during the day time.  When your hours coincide with theirs it makes it much easier for you to do business with them.

Your Determination

Let’s face it.  You’re not going to jump out of bed every morning rearing to go to work – even when you work from home. When you begin your booklet adventure, and everything is new and exciting and you’re just bursting with ideas for that first booklet, you might be excited enough to wake up early and really get moving.  But, after a while that feeling will begin to wane.

So, what do you do?  How can you stay motivated?  How can you keep yourself going day after day, accomplishing great things in your business, even when you don’t feel like it?  The answer is, you just do.  You make the commitment to do it, and then you follow through.

This means that when it’s a gorgeous, sunny, warm day outside, you are looking at your to do list and working through it.  It means that when you’re sick, if you’re well enough to sit up you’re well enough to get some work done.  It means that no matter what else comes up that seems like more fun than work, you’ve got things to do and you’re going to get them done – Period! Only in the case of a true emergency or distaster will you be deterred from your work.

Does this sound like what you’ve been taught about being an entrepreneur and working from home?  No!  You’ve been taught that when you work from home you can pretty much do as you please.  Work a little, play alot. That’s what you’ve been taught to believe.  But, in the real world it doesn’t work that way.

That’s not to say you have to work ALL THE TIME, but it does mean that you have to take your work seriously – even more so than someone who works in an office.  Why?  Because in spite of the fact that many people make good livings from home these days, the people in the offices still don’t take them seriously. And those office people are the ones you’re hoping to do business with if you want to achieve quantity sales!

Being determined means honing in on your target and moving forward as quickly as you can.  When you couple that with your to do list and your schedule, you’ve got the winning combination that will unlock piles of riches for you!

To your riches!


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Are You Out Of Touch With YOUR Audience?

Knowing your audience is essential to your success as a booklet author. For example, if you’re writing a booklet for teens entering college this year, and you’re over the age of twenty, you’re probably seriously out of touch with this age group.

Here is a list of things you probably never thought of about this particular market.  And if teens are not your market, how out of touch are you with your own market?

1) Teens who are just entering college this fall were born in 1992. Does that sound like yesterday to you?  It’s a lifetime for them.

2) The new college crowd don’t write cursive. They were never taught cursive in school.  And they are generally not taught keyboarding either.  They went to kindergarten knowing how to type.

3) Starbucks has always existed.

4) Korean cars have always been on the highway in abundance.

5) Who needs a wrist watch when you have a cell phone? Oh, and cell phones have always been the norm, by the way.

6) Their first computer is now in a museum. And, they don’t remember a time before the home p.c.

7) There was never any such place as Czechoslavakia.

8) They have never felt any concern about Russia attacking the United States.

Interested in reading more about this particular market?  Click here.

Know your market and reap the riches!

To your riches!


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