Seven Positive Aspects Of Selling To Boost Your Confidence In Making The Sale

You’ve been anticipating the arrival of your booklets for days, and now they’re finally here!  You open the box and remove one of them, tenderly caressing the cover with your fingertips before gently opening the booklet to scan the inside.  They’re perfect in every way.  Your heart leaps with excitement as you smell the fresh ink, and then, suddenly, you’re gripped with terror as you think to yourself, Oh no!  Now I actually have to SELL these!

You’re not the first author to feel this kind of fear.  But, selling isn’t really what you think it is. Most people think selling is trying to convince someone to buy from you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are seven confidence boosters to help you rethink your idea of what selling truly is, so you can make sale after sale after sale with ease.

1)  Making the sale has more to do with your attitude than anything else. Know what you’ve got, know that it’s good, and know why.

2)  Selling is helping, not convincing. If you lived in an area known for frequent earthquakes or floods, how much convincing would you need to buy home owners’ insurance that covers such disasters?  Probably little to none.  The same is true for your audience.  You are helping them by offering them the chance to buy your booklet.

3)  Selling creates a win/win situation. Or, at least, it should.  Your audience should benefit from the sale at least as much as you do, and maybe even more so.  That way they’ll keep coming back for more!

4)  Selling is about listening more than talking. When you listen to your audience, you discover what they need so you can help them fill that need.

5)  Selling is something you already know how to do,  you just don’t realize it. You’ve been selling since you were a kid.  Remember pleading your case with your parents so you could stay up just a little while longer?  Or, how about the time you were interviewed for your first job?  You sell yourself every day in one way or another.  Selling your booklet is no different.

6)  When you’ve got what they want, you don’t need to sell – they’ll come to you!

7)  Selling is enjoyable. It’s a way of helping others, while you’re helping yourself.

Can you think of any other positive aspects of selling I didn’t list?  Add it in the comment box below!

To your riches,


PS: There is also a negative aspect of selling.  It’s not having anything to sell!  If you need to create a booklet so you will have something to sell, and you want to do it the right way, click here!

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