The Easy Way To Push Your Booklet Sales Through The Roof

Would you like to push your booklet sales through the roof and enjoy phenomenal success in your business?  Yes?  Then, listen up!  The secret I’m about to share with you is absolutely mandatory for making big money – and it’s really easy!

You Built It But They Didn’t Come

When you first begin your booklet adventure, you begin with a single booklet.  But, if you’re serious about making piles of cash with your new endeavor, you won’t stop there. You will create more booklets and probably other products to offer your audience as well.

Now imagine this.  You’ve created five series of booklets, each containing three titles.  In addition to this, you’ve also created several other products – and nothing is happening. Everything is sitting.  Sales aren’t rolling in like you had hoped.  Why?

Why Nobody’s Buying

Before you can make a sale, someone needs to buy. And before anyone can buy from you, they need to know your booklet and other products exist.  You can create as many booklets and other products as you would like to, but if nobody knows about them, nobody is going to buy them.

So, here’s a HUGE SECRET that will help you get more sales: use every product you create to promote all the others. Sound difficult?  It’s not.  It’s brain-dead easy!

A Quick And Easy Fix

There are several ways you can use one product to promote another, or even your entire product line. It’s done all the time, and you’ve come across it over and over again, probably without even realizing it.  How many times have you bought one product, only to realize you needed a second product to go with it?  This idea equates to your booklet series.

A single booklet can promote an idea, which you then take further and give more information on in your next booklet.  It’s only natural that people who buy your first booklet will be interested in your next one. And all you have to do is mention in your first booklet that the next one is available. Later, as your business grows and you add more booklets and other products, you will want to mention each of them where appropriate in all of your other booklets and other products.

By using each of your booklets and other products to promote the others, you are taking advantage of a HUGE MARKETING OPPORTUNITY.  You are reaching out to people who are already interested in what you have to offer, and it doesn’t cost you a cent because your marketing is part of the product itself! But, it will certainly make you a pretty penny or two!

To your riches!


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