Quick Tip: How To Get Rich And Stay Rich

Have you ever wondered how the really rich got that way?  Have you ever thought that if you could just come up with the right idea, one that people would really go for, you could be rich too?

The truth is, those who get rich and stay rich have a strategy for doing so, and I’m going to share that strategy with you right now. Without this strategy, you may get rich, but it will be difficult to stay that way.

The strategy is simple.  All you need are multiple streams of income. This means you are not relying on any ONE thing or ONE area of your business to bring in the riches.  Instead, you have several streams of income flowing in.

You might, for example, have two divisions in your business – one for products and another for services. Your products division may offer several different kinds of products, booklets being one of them, while your services division may offer classes or speaking for special events, or writing services for companies that desire a booklet unique to their business. Each division within your company would be an income stream, comprised of many smaller income streams.

Having multiple income streams is a smart thing to do.  It offers more to your current audience, and at the same time it broadens your audience, bringing in new customers who otherwise might not buy from you. If one income stream does poorly one month, another income stream may do very well.  This is how the rich stay rich.  They don’t rely on any single source of income.  They have several.

How do you implement multiple streams of income?  Start where you are and build it from there.

To your riches!


PS: You’ve got to start somewhere.  If you’re at ground zero and ready to do something, click here!

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