Quick Tip: Don’t Include In Your Booklet What Doesn’t Get Read

One of the nice things about booklets is that they’re a short, easy read.  So why would you want to include non-essential information, which your readers will probably skip anyway?

Most people will skim printed information to see if they think it’s worth their time to actually read it. Think about this.  You’ve done the same thing.  How many times have you picked up a book, read the back and then flipped to the table of contents?  Or maybe you didn’t even bother to read the back first.  And then, once you’ve glanced at the table of contents, if a section of the book was of particular interest to you, you might have gone to that chapter of the book to browse it.

How many books do you own that you have read completely?  How many magazines have you read cover to cover?  How many websites have you gone to where you’ve read every single word?  How many blogs?  Probably very, very few if any.  And that’s my point.  You don’t read every word.  You pick and choose which sections you will read – which ones are the most relevant.  And so do your readers.

When you write your booklet manuscript, try to see it from your reader’s point of view.  Ask yourself which parts you would want to read the most, and which parts you would skip.  Leave out anything you might skip, and if you need to, expand the parts you would read.

To your riches!


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