Why Booklets Make A Great Back-Up Plan

What would you do if you lost your main source of income?  This question became reality for an acquaintance of mine last week when he lost his job.  Fortunately, he has a valuable skill he can rely on to bring him income outside of a job.

You Possess A Valuable Skill

As a writer, you possess a valuable skill.  But, you must know how to use it in order to obtain the most benefit from it. Not every piece of writing brings wealth.  Most things authors write bring them little to nothing. Fiction?  Who has time for that anymore?  Unless of course, you’re writing for the teen market.  But, even then you have so much competition, not from other authors, but from the likes of facebook, myspace, twitter, and even the cell phone.  Who has time to read?

Writing for younger children may seem like a plausible idea.  Forget that one!  Those younguns are all too busy on Webkins and other such websites.

Everyone Needs Information

If fiction isn’t where it’s at (and just to set the record straight I’m not saying you CAN’T make it with fiction, only that it’s REALLY, REALLY HARD), how about non-fiction? Now you’re talking!  Everyone needs information.  After all, that’s why you’re reading this blog right now!  But, wait a minute.  If nobody has the time to read a fiction book, who has the time to read a non-fiction book?  Very, very few people do.  In the U.S. alone only 2% of people who start reading a book actually ever finish it.

This is why booklets are such a great idea.  They don’t take much time to read.  But, wait – it gets EVEN BETTER – because, they don’t take much time to write either!

Booklets Are A Way To Make Money Fast

If you lost your main source of income today, whether that’s a job or something else, you could fall back on your writing skills.  You could quickly create a booklet, get it on the market fast, and start making money with it right away. This is something you can’t do when you write a book.  Books are a slow process from the time you get the idea to the time you start making money.

Having the skill is only half of what you need.  Using the skill is the other half.  But, you must use it the right way in order to get the riches.  There are plenty of dead end writing jobs out there.  There are plenty of ways to make money slowly, a trickle at a time.  Booklets are a way to make money fast.

It’s a good idea to have a back-up plan in place just in case the worst does happen and you find your main source of income suddenly gone.  Booklets make a great back-up plan!

To your riches!


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2 responses to “Why Booklets Make A Great Back-Up Plan

  1. Larry Morrison

    Great perspective! I like it!
    Hey Kim, how about addressing some of the mechanics of actual production. Have you ever done your own binding, e.g. saddle stitching with a stapler on smaller pubs, or have you ever used 3-ring binders, or do you pay for perfect binding? Do you use ” ’round the corner” printers or printers who are familiar with booklet production? Stuff like that. Once you have the words in order, address, what next?

    • Hi Larry.

      All the mechanics of production are addressed in “The Ultimate Get Rich Guide To Booklet Writing And Production – How To Write And Produce A Booklet Within Two Months Or Less That Will Sell Like Crazy And Create A Rush Of Cash-Flow That Floods Your Bank Account.” There you will find step by step information all laid out for you to help you produce a salable booklet with ease.

      The product is divided into two sections. The first deals with setting up your booklet publishing business and getting your manuscript completed. It is very detailed and gives information you won’t find here on the blog.

      The second section deals with all the mechanics of production, which includes chapters on the following:

      What You Need To Know Before Production Begins

      How To Find The Right Graphic Designer At The Right Price

      Working With Your Designer

      How To Find The Right Printer

      How To File For A Copyright

      Each chapter has a set of sub-chapters which deal with various aspects of production within that chapter. Like the first section, it is very detailed and thorough.

      I think you would find my product especially helpful. It’s all killer, no filler. Just the good stuff! And here’s a little hint for you: You should not only study the contents, you should also study the product itself. That alone is worth the price.

      As you might imagine, there are many aspects to production and I just don’t have time to deal with all the little details here on the blog. That’s why I created the product – to help people who are serious about creating a booklet without having to constantly repeat myself here.

      My product comes with a full, money back guarantee. It also comes with a critique form which you can use to get a free critique of your manuscript or your finished product – which is a $300.00 value, and you get it for free.

      What’s next? If you’re serious about creating a booklet, click here to get “The Ultimate Get Rich Guide To Booklet Writing And Production!”

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