Three Questions You Must Answer BEFORE You Write Your Booklet

So you’ve been thinking about writing something to make some money, and you’ve found your way to this blog.  It all sounds great, you think, but how do you know it will work for you?

It will work for you because someone, somewhere “out there” is trying to find the solution to a problem you solved months ago. Here are three key questions you need to answer before you write your booklet, so you can help them and make money.

1)  What does your intended audience need? If you want to write a booklet about house training a new puppy because you recently were successful at this task, you need to think about not only how you did it, but what was most helpful to you in accomplishing the task.  What information did you need the most when you did it?

2)  Where is your audience? If you don’t know where they are, how can you reach them?  You can write the booklet, but no matter how great it is they can’t buy it if they have never heard of it.

3) How can your information help them? If you don’t know the answer to this, your dead in the water before you start.  You need to know what your booklet will help your audience do.  They need to be able to take some kind of positive action from reading your booklet.

To your riches!


PS: Now that you’ve answered those questions you’re ready for the next step!  Click here to get that booklet done!

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