Have You Settled For The Old Status Quo? It’s Time To Raise The Bar

The year is a little more than half over.  How are you doing?  Are you making good progress toward your goals?  No?  Maybe it’s because you’ve settled for the old status quo.

Why You’re So Easily Distracted From Your Goals

These days it’s easy to get distracted from your goals.  There are so many people and things vying for your attention. You get caught up in all the noise of the TV and internet.  You get sidetracked by something on the news.  You get busy with things you think are important, and sometimes they are, but sometimes they serve as an excuse to procrastinate.

Why do you do it?  Why don’t you just get out there and go like gangbusters and reach your goal? It’s because you’ve settled for your own status quo.

You Can Do Better

There seems to be a status quo for just about everything in life, from growing up to growing old.  There’s a status quo in business too, and if you’re doing well enough, then you’re doing fine.  But, is the status quo really what you want? Of course it isn’t.  It’s just where you’re comfortable.

You need to look beyond the norm if you’re going to reap true riches. Many people will do what’s required to reach a certain level of expectation, but very few will go beyond that.  That’s why most people are broke, living paycheck to paycheck.  They are living up to the status quo, doing what everyone else is doing.

But, there are a handful of people in the world who aren’t willing to accept that as their final destiny.  Those people have greater expectations of themselves.  They have raised the bar in their own lives.  Some of them overcame terrible hardships in order to succeed, but they succeeded because they knew they could do better, and they did.

It’s Time To Raise The Bar

Each of us creates our own status quo in our business and in our life.  It might be based on our vision of what we think we can accomplish, or it might be based on the average performance of similar businesses with similar products.  Either way, that status quo is too low.

The year is more than half over.  It’s time to raise the bar and get serious. Don’t accept the status quo – yours or anyone else’s.  Instead, strive to exceed your goals.  When you get close to a goal, look beyond it and ask yourself, “What’s next?”  Then, create a new goal.  If you do, you’ll go WAY beyond the status quo, and you’ll find that you exceed even your own expectations of yourself.  And, you’ll reap the riches too!

To your riches!


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