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Five Marketing Mistakes The Big Guys Make That You Must Avoid At All Costs

Even the big guys make mistakes.  But, they can recover from them easier than you can.  Here are five major marketing mistakes you want to avoid.

1)  Believing your product is suitable for everyone. Everyone uses tooth paste, but one brand varies from the next.  Some people like one kind, some like another.  Some people need a special kind of tooth paste for dentures, some people buy tooth paste for children.  Your booklet may be suitable for everyone, but not everyone will like it or be able to use it.

2)  Trying to market to more than one niche at one time. Twice the marketing equals twice the cost. It’s far better to establish a single, profitable niche first, and then if your booklet can cross over into another niche you can go for it.

3)  Marketing without a plan. Many companies will try one thing after another hoping it will work.  Blind marketing is NEVER a good idea.  You need a solid plan of action based on what has worked in the past.

4)  Expecting someone else to take care of the marketing for you. Big companies hire big marketing agencies to take care of their marketing.  They spend millions of dollars, which are often wasted because these agencies don’t really care whether or not the marketing they do works.  They only care whether it impresses the big company who hired them.  Do your marketing yourself.  Nobody cares about it as much as you do.

5)  Not knowing whether the marketing you are doing works. If you don’t know whether or not it’s working, how do you know whether you should do it again or try something else? Often big companies will spend money on new marketing techniques without knowing whether those techniques will work for them.  Worse, they don’t bother to discover whether that marketing worked or not when it’s all said and done.  A few orders may not necessarily mean success.

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: Deal With The Big Kahuna

Here is something that should be quite obvious, but for some reason it seems to be overlooked when dealing with corporations and large companies.  Often someone will contact the company hoping to make a sale, but they aren’t dealing with the big kahuna.

The big kahuna is the one who can make a decision to buy from you and write the check. In large companies, there are many gate keepers guarding the way to the big kahuna, and there are many workers who are not gate keepers but who will talk to you all day long.  They don’t have any authority and it’s a waste of time to try to deal with these people.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get past the gatekeepers as fast as you can and go straight to the big kahuna.  When you do this, you’ll find you get a check much faster!

To your riches!


PS: Before you go to the big kahuna, you’d better have something good to offer him.  If you want to be sure your booklet will withstand the scrutiny the big kahuna will likely put it through, click here!

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How To Make Your Fans Love You

As a booklet author, you will have fans.  Fans are not just for athletes, movies stars and book publishers.  Fans are for booklet authors too!  Here’s how to make your fans love you!

Follow Through

In everything you do, be consistent and follow through.  Consistency builds trust, and trust builds more business for you.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  If people know they can trust you, they are more likely to do business with you or buy from you.

This means you can’t be like the average Joe. You know him well.  He’s the guy who promises, but never delivers.  He promises to call you, BUT HE DOESN’T.  He promises to show up, BUT HE DOESN’T.  He never follows through.  You can’t afford to be like him when it comes to your business.  If you say you will do it, then you MUST do it.  You must follow through – every single time.

Be Careful, Not Careless

Doing what you promise is important, but so is doing it right. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do just about everything, including writing booklets and running a booklet publishing company.

Companies that are careless about their products and services, or their customers, don’t stay in business.  For example, imagine that you hire a maid service to clean your home, and the maid shows up an hour late, and she looks tired and worn out from her last job.  She also doesn’t have all the supplies she promised to bring.  She ran out of cleaner for the sinks and bathtub, and her vacuum cleaner is broken.  On top of that, the entire time she is in your home she does nothing but complain to you about her job and her personal life.  As if that weren’t enough, she doesn’t do a thorough job cleaning your home.  When she leaves, the furniture is still dusty, and the floors haven’t been mopped.  Would you want her to return?

The maid in the example above was completely careless about both her job and her new client.  She did nothing to endear her new client to her. In fact, she did everything wrong.  But what if you hired her, and things were just the opposite?  What if she showed up ten minutes early, and stayed 20 minutes longer than she should have just to make sure everything sparkled? What if she not only had the cleaning supplies she promised to bring, but it was organic so that it would not adversely affect any pets or children you might have in the home?  What if she kept the conversation to a minimum, but she was friendly and polite and smiled while she worked?  And what if, long after she left that day, when it was time for you to retire for the evening, you found your sheets not only clean, but turned down, and a mint on your pillow with a little hand written thank you note, thanking you for your business?

While the first maid was careless, the second maid was careful in every way.  You want to write your booklets and run your booklet publishing company with the same kind of care.

Make A Connection

Finally, in order to make your fans love you, you need to make a connection with them. You do this in many ways – by writing booklets that meet their needs and answer their questions, by giving them what they want in the form of new titles and other products, and by being a human being who understands where they are in life or what they’re going through.  You make a connection by reaching out to them and showing them that you care, and that they are not just another dollar bill in your pocket.

Connection is something that is often downplayed in business, or never discussed or given any thought at all.  But, it’s vitally important that as a writer you connect with your audience. That connection will come from a place inside you that tells your audience you understand them because you’ve been in their shoes before.

Follow through on your promises, care about your business and your audience, and connect with that audience.  Do these things and you will have fans who not only love you, but who will want to buy from you again and again!

To your riches!


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Seven Positive Aspects Of Selling To Boost Your Confidence In Making The Sale

You’ve been anticipating the arrival of your booklets for days, and now they’re finally here!  You open the box and remove one of them, tenderly caressing the cover with your fingertips before gently opening the booklet to scan the inside.  They’re perfect in every way.  Your heart leaps with excitement as you smell the fresh ink, and then, suddenly, you’re gripped with terror as you think to yourself, Oh no!  Now I actually have to SELL these!

You’re not the first author to feel this kind of fear.  But, selling isn’t really what you think it is. Most people think selling is trying to convince someone to buy from you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are seven confidence boosters to help you rethink your idea of what selling truly is, so you can make sale after sale after sale with ease.

1)  Making the sale has more to do with your attitude than anything else. Know what you’ve got, know that it’s good, and know why.

2)  Selling is helping, not convincing. If you lived in an area known for frequent earthquakes or floods, how much convincing would you need to buy home owners’ insurance that covers such disasters?  Probably little to none.  The same is true for your audience.  You are helping them by offering them the chance to buy your booklet.

3)  Selling creates a win/win situation. Or, at least, it should.  Your audience should benefit from the sale at least as much as you do, and maybe even more so.  That way they’ll keep coming back for more!

4)  Selling is about listening more than talking. When you listen to your audience, you discover what they need so you can help them fill that need.

5)  Selling is something you already know how to do,  you just don’t realize it. You’ve been selling since you were a kid.  Remember pleading your case with your parents so you could stay up just a little while longer?  Or, how about the time you were interviewed for your first job?  You sell yourself every day in one way or another.  Selling your booklet is no different.

6)  When you’ve got what they want, you don’t need to sell – they’ll come to you!

7)  Selling is enjoyable. It’s a way of helping others, while you’re helping yourself.

Can you think of any other positive aspects of selling I didn’t list?  Add it in the comment box below!

To your riches,


PS: There is also a negative aspect of selling.  It’s not having anything to sell!  If you need to create a booklet so you will have something to sell, and you want to do it the right way, click here!

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The Easy Way To Push Your Booklet Sales Through The Roof

Would you like to push your booklet sales through the roof and enjoy phenomenal success in your business?  Yes?  Then, listen up!  The secret I’m about to share with you is absolutely mandatory for making big money – and it’s really easy!

You Built It But They Didn’t Come

When you first begin your booklet adventure, you begin with a single booklet.  But, if you’re serious about making piles of cash with your new endeavor, you won’t stop there. You will create more booklets and probably other products to offer your audience as well.

Now imagine this.  You’ve created five series of booklets, each containing three titles.  In addition to this, you’ve also created several other products – and nothing is happening. Everything is sitting.  Sales aren’t rolling in like you had hoped.  Why?

Why Nobody’s Buying

Before you can make a sale, someone needs to buy. And before anyone can buy from you, they need to know your booklet and other products exist.  You can create as many booklets and other products as you would like to, but if nobody knows about them, nobody is going to buy them.

So, here’s a HUGE SECRET that will help you get more sales: use every product you create to promote all the others. Sound difficult?  It’s not.  It’s brain-dead easy!

A Quick And Easy Fix

There are several ways you can use one product to promote another, or even your entire product line. It’s done all the time, and you’ve come across it over and over again, probably without even realizing it.  How many times have you bought one product, only to realize you needed a second product to go with it?  This idea equates to your booklet series.

A single booklet can promote an idea, which you then take further and give more information on in your next booklet.  It’s only natural that people who buy your first booklet will be interested in your next one. And all you have to do is mention in your first booklet that the next one is available. Later, as your business grows and you add more booklets and other products, you will want to mention each of them where appropriate in all of your other booklets and other products.

By using each of your booklets and other products to promote the others, you are taking advantage of a HUGE MARKETING OPPORTUNITY.  You are reaching out to people who are already interested in what you have to offer, and it doesn’t cost you a cent because your marketing is part of the product itself! But, it will certainly make you a pretty penny or two!

To your riches!


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Quick Tip: How To Get Rich And Stay Rich

Have you ever wondered how the really rich got that way?  Have you ever thought that if you could just come up with the right idea, one that people would really go for, you could be rich too?

The truth is, those who get rich and stay rich have a strategy for doing so, and I’m going to share that strategy with you right now. Without this strategy, you may get rich, but it will be difficult to stay that way.

The strategy is simple.  All you need are multiple streams of income. This means you are not relying on any ONE thing or ONE area of your business to bring in the riches.  Instead, you have several streams of income flowing in.

You might, for example, have two divisions in your business – one for products and another for services. Your products division may offer several different kinds of products, booklets being one of them, while your services division may offer classes or speaking for special events, or writing services for companies that desire a booklet unique to their business. Each division within your company would be an income stream, comprised of many smaller income streams.

Having multiple income streams is a smart thing to do.  It offers more to your current audience, and at the same time it broadens your audience, bringing in new customers who otherwise might not buy from you. If one income stream does poorly one month, another income stream may do very well.  This is how the rich stay rich.  They don’t rely on any single source of income.  They have several.

How do you implement multiple streams of income?  Start where you are and build it from there.

To your riches!


PS: You’ve got to start somewhere.  If you’re at ground zero and ready to do something, click here!

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Why A Booklet Deserves Your Careful Consideration

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already know that a booklet won’t take much or your time or money –  Certainly not as much as a full length book.  But, did you know that a booklet is just as great an investment of your time and money, even though you’re spending less?

Why Booklets Are Such A Great Investment

Why is this so?  Because with a booklet you can reap just as great a return if not greater, and you will never run out of things to sell. You can sell your booklet 24/7 in your sleep if you want to, unlike someone who works by the hour, trading hours for dollars.

When you trade hours for dollars, you only have a few hours each day you can sell.  But, you can sell an endless number of booklets, and it doesn’t matter when they are sold or how many hours you have in a day, because once your booklet is finished the work is already done. You only need to do the work once, and you can sell it over and over again.

How To Double Your Money

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stop at one booklet.  You can create as many as you would like to.  Imagine you have two booklets on the market.  Now you’ve doubled you money.  And you don’t have anymore work than you did before.  All you had to do was create another booklet.  Another one time event, which doubled your money.

And you can do this with other products too.  The more you create, the bigger your product line will grow and the more your business will flourish.

If this sounds like alot, it isn’t.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  You can do it on your schedule, as time allows, whenever you are ready. You can create one booklet today, and not create another one for five years or longer if you want to.  How fast you expand your product line is completely up to you.

They Have To Come To You

The great thing about booklets is their fast turn around time.  Get an idea today, write the manuscript over the next few days, produce it the following week, and voila!  You’re in business!

When you write a booklet, you’re investing in your future. Your booklet is like a little seed that will grow and blossom into something wonderful for you.  And it is for you and you alone, because you will own all the rights to that booklet.  Nobody else can sell it, unless you give them permission to do so.  As the sole owner of your booklet, anyone who wants it must come to you to get it. They can’t get it any other way.

If you like to write, a booklet deserves your careful consideration.

To your riches,


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