Quick Tip: How To Be Rich AND Happy

Imagine, for a moment, that you have done it.  You’ve achieved your dreams of being a rich author.  Your booklet sales have gone through the roof.  You’ve developed other products, and you’re the owner of a growing and thriving publishing company that you can be proud of.  Congratulations!  But, are you happy?

As your business begins to grow and do well, you will be tempted to put more of yourself into the business. You’ll want to spend more time coming up with new ideas, creating new booklets and other products, and reaching new markets.  And while this is a good thing (you can’t rest on your laurels forever or your business will stagnate), it is also good to remember that MONEY IS ONLY ONE ASPECT OF WEALTH.

You should work hard, but you should also balance that work with the other areas of your life that are important to you – your social, spiritual, physical and family life.  If your work becomes your only priority, it doesn’t matter how much you love writing and publishing, burnout isn’t far behind.

Material riches are great, but they don’t last, nor do they satisfy for the long term.  Once you buy that boat, how long will it take before you want a bigger and better one?

There are many riches in your life. Material things are only one of them.  There are your friends, your family, your faith and your health.  Each of these is worthy of equal time in your life.  Make time for these things and your life will be so rich that money will simply be the icing on the cake!

To your riches!


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