How To Create The Life You Want From The Dreams You Have

Have you ever seen an Andre Rieu performance, either live or on tv?  If you’re unfamiliar with Andre Rieu, he is a musician (violin) and orchestra leader.  But, his performances are over the top.  When you watch him, you can’t help but be mesmerized.  This is a man who performs with such engery and joy.  He clearly loves what he does.  But, he’s not the only one.

Happiness Is Good For You

Mr. Rieu’s orchestra is made up of some very lovely young ladies and gentlemen.  These people, all exquisitely dressed and groomed, literally glow with the same energy and excitement as their orchestra leader.  They seem completely absorbed by what they’re doing, yet completely passionate about it.

Each of these people are living their dream.  Learning to play a musical instrument and taking it to the professional level takes a fair amount of dedication and hard work.  If it isn’t your dream, if you don’t wake up thinking about it and go to sleep thinking about it, you’ll never make it. But, if it is your dream and you desire it so passionately that you’ll stop at nothing to achieve it, once you do it’s going to show.

In Andre’s orchestra there isn’t one sour face.  Everyone is the picture of health and happiness.  That’s what living your dream does for you.  It makes you healthy and happy. When you’re truly happy, you’re not stressed and you feel good.  Good feelings are good for you. In fact, there was a medical study done several years ago that proved that laughter and happy feelings really are good medicine, and can actually aide healing in those who are ill.

Bits And Pieces Are Enough To Start

What’s your dream?  Is it to write a best seller?  Is it to help people with the information and/or experience you possess?  Is it to live a better lifestyle?  Is it simply to have less stress and be happy?  Maybe your dream includes all of the above.  Well, why not?

There’s an old saying that says if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  And for the most part this is true.  But where do you begin? You start by figuring out exactly what it is you want, and you go from there.  Before you can achieve your dream, you first have to know what that dream is.  You have to have a goal to work toward.

So many people don’t know what they want.  They go through life, slugging along in a job they hate, living paycheck to paycheck.  They want something better but they don’t know what that something better looks like.  They don’t have a clear picture in their mind’s eye of what a better life would look like for them. They might have bits and pieces, such as they want more money, or they want to work less hours, but these are just fragments of dreams that aren’t connected to anything concrete.

If all you have are bits and pieces of a dream, the good news is you have something to work with. All you need to do is ask yourself a few questions and find the answers to fill in the blanks.   You want more money?  Great.  You can have that.  How do you want to achieve that goal?  By writing?  Terrific!  What do you want to write about?  Baseball?  Okay.  Now you’ve got something to work with, and you can research it and go from there.

It’s About The Adventure

Of course, if you’ve got a dream with more details, that’s great too!  You’ll never have all the details or every step worked out ahead of time.  But just working toward your dreams and goals will make you much happier than sitting around wishing, because you’re making progress toward something you truly want.

The ultimate goal isn’t really achieving your dream.  It’s about doing what you love and living the lifestyle you want to live.  And once you achieve your dream, you’ll find that you want to do even more.  All those beautiful, happy people in Andre’s orchestra are thrilled to be there, but you can bet they each have goals and ambitions beyond where they are today.  They got to where they are by being very passionate and very good at what they do.  They’ve achieved a dream.  But, now that they are there, they have new dreams to achieve.  That’s just human nature.  It’s never really about the destination.  It’s about the adventure along the way.

Figure out what your dream is, and when you get there, dream new dreams.  No matter how wonderful and perfect things are, you can always have more and do better. Your booklet is selling like gangbusters?  Great!  Why not follow it up with a sequel to offer to the same market?  You just bought that new home because you finally qualified thanks to your boost in income from your booklet?  Terrific!  Time to go get new furniture.  You just became a new grandparent?  Fantastic!  Time to start a college fund!  You see, dreams aren’t always something you need to work toward – such as being a new grandparent.  Nobody works toward that, but you can dream of helping to send that grandchild to college one day.

Happiness – it all starts with a dream.  Dreams are the force that instills in us the drive to achieve.  And yes, they do come true.  What’s yours?

To your riches!


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3 responses to “How To Create The Life You Want From The Dreams You Have

  1. Greta post! Ya gotta have a blueprint to go by before you start building the ship that sails you to your destination.

    • Absolutely! It’s pretty tough to try to navigate without a compass, though I’ve known a few people to give it a try. Usually, they just end up lost.

  2. Greta=great…like engery=energy 🙂

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