Quick Tip: Diversification – The Big Secret To Raking In The Riches In Booklet Publishing

One of the biggest secrets to raking in the riches in any business is diversification.  And, no business lends itself to diversity better than booklet publishing.

The more you can diversify your business, the more money you can make. What does this mean?  It means having more to offer your market, and having more markets to offer your products and booklets to.

You can diversify just about anything in your booklet business – your booklets, your products, your services, and even your market.  How?  By creating new formats, new products,  new services, and new markets.

For example, if your booklet business consists of one published booklet which you are currently selling to one market, you can create other formats of that same booklet, such as a cd, to offer that same market.  You can also create other booklets to sell to that market.  And you can create new services, such as speaking, to offer that same market.

Then, you can take all of those things and find new markets that would be interested in them.  If, for example, you are selling to corporations, you might diversify by also selling to small businesses.  Or, if you are selling to individuals, you might diversify by selling to a different niche group of individuals closely related to your current group, or market.

There are so many ways you can diversify your booklet publishing business.  You can start slow, or you can do several at once.  But, each time you diversify, you multiply your riches!

To your riches,


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