Why You Can’t Sell Your Booklets To Corporations

Whether your booklet adventure has just begun or you’ve got more than one title on the market, you’ve probably thought about quantity sales more than once.  In doing so, you may have wondered just how to approach a large company or corporation with your booklet – and that’s where you went wrong. You shouldn’t be thinking about how to approach a business at all.

Why Size Has Nothing To Do With It

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You are your business.”  This is somewhat true for any entrepreneur.  Most entrepreneurs start out as a solo operation, making all the decisions and wearing all the hats.  As time goes on and the business grows, this begins to change and delegation becomes necessary.

If you are currently working solo in your booklet business, you may feel very small compared to a corporation or large company.   You may feel like you have little to offer them that they don’t already have or can’t get at the snap of a finger.  Or, you may feel that they won’t be interested in your booklet because you are not a large company like they are.

But, you do have something to offer them that they don’t already have – your booklet.  The only way they can get that is to go through you.  And the size of your business has nothing to do with their interest in your booklet. They are simply looking for the same thing you are – a way to make more money. If they think your booklet will help them do that, they will be interested.

Businesses Don’t Conduct Business – People Do

So, just how does a little guy like you approach a big corporation?  Very simple.  You don’t. You see, in the business to business world of sales, business isn’t actually done between businesses, but rather between people. What is a business, really?  In legal terms, it is an entity legalized by a document or several documents that allows that entity to transact exchanges of products and/or services for money.  But, who does the exchanging?  People do.

The actual entity that is known as a business doesn’t do anything.  That entity is merely made up of legal documents, a certain number of assets, and the people who make things happen. Without those people, nothing happens.  Business cannot be transacted.

You’re At The Top Of The Heap – They’re Not

You may feel small because your business has only one person to manage things – YOU – but a corporation or large company is simply one person multiplied.  At one time that corporation or company was small like yours.  Every company starts with an idea and at least one person to carry it through.  And then, over time and as the need arises, more people are added to the company.  And each person has their own special task to do.  Each one makes up a different part of that company.

You don’t need to worry about doing business with a corporation.  You only need to concern yourself with transacting an exchange with one person inside that company.  Nobody does business with an entire corporation. Business is always transacted between people.

You should never try to sell to a business or corporation.  That is the wrong approach.  You won’t be dealing with an entity.  You’ll be dealing with a person – a human being like you.  But, unlike you that person probably won’t be at the top of the heap.  They work for someone else, and for that reason you may find they admire you because you’ve got a certain amount of freedom they don’t have, and you’ve got courage.

Don’t think of a corporation as a big business machine.  Think of it as a group of people.  And all you need to do is make a connection with one of them to create a winning outcome for the two of you.

To your riches,


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