7 Big Booklet Mistakes You Should Avoid

Ready to crank out that booklet and get it done?  Not so fast!  Here are seven mistakes you need to know about up front so you can avoid them as you create your booklet.

1)  Choosing the wrong title. Your booklet’s title is extremely important.  It determines whether people will continue to think about a purchase, or move on to something else.  Your title should tell people what your booklet is about, while at the same time compelling them to buy.

2)  Choosing the wrong cover color(s). Color is also extremely important.  Colors convey moods and feelings, and they are often associated with specific things – such as red which is associated with love and is the color most used for Valentine’s Day.

3)  Not tightly focusing your content. A booklet is a small publication.  It isn’t meant to give the reader every last detail on the subject.  Keeping your content tightly focused will ensure your readers get the information they need without the fluff they don’t.

4)  Not writing for your audience. Your audience is looking for information that speaks directly to them.  If your booklet does, you’ve got their attention.  If not, they’ll look elsewhere.

5)  Not proofreading your manuscript. Everyone makes a mistake here and there.  Most are easy to catch simply by reading through your manuscript a couple of times.  Your booklet will create an impression of you as an author and businessperson.  What kind of impression do you want to make?

6)  Not having another expert, within your chosen subject, proofread your manuscript. Mistakes don’t always come in the form of grammar and punctuation.  Sometimes, they come in the form of misinformation.  These people can save you from publishing information that is out of date or faulty.

7)  Trying to do everything yourself to save a few dollars. Chances are you’re good at writing.  But, you probably are not good at several other things you will need to complete your booklet and get it on the market.  If you’re short on funds, you can do things little by little as your budget allows.  In the end, it’s better to take a little longer to create a product that appears professional than to slap something together just to get it done.

To your riches!


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