Growing Your Booklet Business – It’s Easier Than You Think

Do you consider yourself a booklet author and the owner of a booklet publishing company?  If you do, how much are you accomplishing in your business?  Do you have a number of titles and other products to offer your audience or only one?  Are you making sales on a regular basis?  Could you be doing better?  Would you like to be doing better?

Your answers to these questions will depend on whether you’ve chosen to run your business part time or full time, and the number of titles you have chosen to produce.  But, no matter what your answers are to the first four questions, your last two answers are most likely yes and yes.  And that is exactly what they should be.

The One Thing You Should Never Do

No matter how well things are going for you in your booklet adventure, things could always be better.  More sales are always welcome.  So are new customers and clients, and new opportunities.

One thing you never want to do in your booklet business is close yourself off from growth – new opportunities to expand your reach to new markets, new customers and/or new clients.  One reason that so many entrepreneurs in a variety of industries fail is that they reach a certain level of business – their goal – and then they coast. They don’t create new goals.  They feel they have achieved their goal, and they have no desire to grow beyond it.  But, what these well meaning entrepreneurs fail to realize is that once a business stops growing, it becomes stagnant and eventually you will lose the ground you’ve worked so hard to gain.

Maintaining The Status Quo

At the very least, you must work to maintain your status quo.  If you’ve reached what you consider to be the top, and you’re comfortable there and have no desire to go any further, you still must continue to maintain your position. If you don’t you’ll eventually begin to lose income as sales drop off.

In order to maintain your current position, you will need to continue offering your booklet(s) to new customers and clients.  This is because current customers and clients will, at some point, stop buying from you. This happens when they’ve bought all you have to offer, or they lose interest, or they die.  If you’re not offering your booklets and other products to new customers on a regular basis, your income will begin to drop as your current customers begin to fade away.

Even maintaining your status quo requires a certain amount of growth – although the new growth is simply filling in the gaps left by those who have left for whatever reason.

Your Growth Has No Limits

Of course, if you have to offer your products to new customers and/or clients anyway, just to maintain your status quo, why not simply offer them to even more potential customers and grow beyond your status quo?  Why not set new goals to achieve and reach for new heights?  It is possible – no matter how much income you’re making now.  If you’ve got $30,000 coming in annually, wouldn’t it be nice to have $50,000?  And if you’ve got that, wouldn’t it be nice to have $100,000?  And if you’ve got $100,000, wouldn’t it be nice to have $200,000?  Of course it would!

Does this sound difficult?  It’s not.  The truth is, it’s really pretty easy.  You see, it’s not much of a leap to go from $30,000 a year to $50,000.  Nor is it too difficult to get from $250,000 to $500,000 per year.  Now, if you’re trying to go from $50,000 to $500,000 in a year, that’s tough!  But, if you’re already bringing in $250,000, then $500,000 isn’t so much of a stretch.

In other words, you can grow from wherever you are, and that growth has NO LIMITS! You just need to do it in bite size steps.  Once you’ve achieved one level, getting to the next one isn’t so hard.

Could you be doing better?  Yes!  Would you like to be doing better?  That is one question only you can answer.

To your riches!


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