Quick Tip: Cleaning Up Your Online Image

You’ve probably been online for a few years now.  How many websites have you visited?  How many discussions have you participated in?  How many little “impressions” have you left behind of yourself – impressions that you have long forgotten about?

Even if you have forgotten, the internet hasn’t.  It keeps good records.  This is why you should do an internet search on a regular basis of yourself and your business.  You will want to clean up anything that might give your audience an unfavorable impression of you.  And, even if there is nothing to give your audience such an impression, you may come across things you started long ago that need to be updated – such as information you gave about yourself or your business on a public forum or website.

Searching for yourself and your business online is something that only takes a moment, and it’s completely free.  Take advantage of it and make adjustments where you need to.  Once you do, all roads should lead your customers directly to you!

To your riches!


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