The Key To Solving The Puzzle Of The Blank Page

You’ve sat down, stared at the screen or paper in front of you, and tried to come up with those first words but you just can’t seem to find them.  Or worse, you can’t even think of a good topic to write about.  This frustrating dilema can happen at anytime during your booklet adventure – whether you’re writing your first booklet, one in a long series of titles, or developing another product.

The Dreaded Blank Page

When you’re facing a blank screen or page, there is nothing for your mind to grasp except that you have a blank screen or page in front of you.  Your mind focuses on the fact that there is nothing there. This creates an expectation inside of you to fill the page, but it also creates frustration as you try to think of what to fill it with.

You might come up with a few words, only to delete them as they just don’t seem to convey your true message.  Your mind may come up with a few ideas or images, but nothing seems to click.  That blank page seems to be an insurmountable hurdle.  You need to get your mind to focus on something other than the blank page.

The Key To Overcoming The Dreaded Blank Page

The key to overcoming this insurmountable hurdle is to never start with a blank page. This is easier than you think.  If you know what your topic is, it’s easy to find information on that topic.  You don’t need to begin writing to do this.  You just need to do a little bit of research.

Once you’ve compiled some information, you’ll have many different ideas in front of you – each one capable of sparking a response within you.  This will bring you to your starting point and you’ll find that the words simply flow from you onto the page.

Finding Your Booklet’s Topic

That’s all great, you say, but what if I don’t even know what to write about? Easy!  Think of your mind as that blank page.  You need to fill it with ideas that will make you think and feel something about a particular subject.  This is important because if you don’t care about your subject, why should your audience?

Here again, it is important to do your research.  You can do this mentally by thinking about things you like and don’t like, or you can do this manually by physically researching different topics that interest you.  Ultimately, your goal is to come up with something that makes you feel very strongly one way or another – something you want to share with others or do something about.

Whether you’re facing a literal blank page, or your mind is simply a blank, the key to solving this puzzle is to not start with a blank page or blank mind at all.  Some simple research will give you the ideas you need to get going.

To your riches!


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