Why A Bad Economy Doesn’t Have To Mean Bad Business, And How You Can Make Even More Sales In Tough Times

You hear it on the news quite a lot lately – the economy is slowly improving.  Is it really? And if it is, why are people still so afraid?

The truth is the economy is still in a slump.  But, this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage for everyone….

Why Some Businesses Thrive In A Bad Economy

Bankruptcy lawyers are doing quite well these days.  A down economy means a boost in business for them.  But, they’re not the only ones who are doing well during these difficult times.  Other businesses, ones you would never think would do well during an economic downturn, seem to be thriving as well.  Restaurant and movie theatre parking lots are always full on the weekends, and a quick trip to the mall will prove there’s no lack of shoppers.  Why?

During bad times people like to escape – at least mentally – for a little while. Although it would seem that now is a time when people should hang on to every cent they can, the public doesn’t see it that way.  They are willing to spend a few dollars to ease the stress, even if only temporarily, by going to a movie or to to dinner.  Somehow, the momentary fun helps to face the reality when they return home.

The Crux Of The Game

The businesses who understand the needs of their public during tough times are the ones who thrive in a bad economy. And while the malls, theatres and restaurants may seem to serve a large population that includes everyone, they have their niche just like you do! And just like you, they must know their niche market well enough to understand what will appeal to them in the worst of times.

Knowing your market is really the crux of the game.  You can’t make a tempting offer if you don’t know what your market will respond to. Discovering this may take you a little time, but it’s worth the effort and will pay off well many times down the road.

People Will Continue To Live Their Lives

No matter what the economy does, people will continue to live their lives. And as they do, they present you with a rich opportunity to help them with some aspect of it – whether in the form of advice, or simply a momentary escape from their troubles.

Will your booklet help people make money, save money or acquire better health? These are all evergreen topics which can be used to promote your booklets, even if your booklet doesn’t directly address these issues.

For example, if your booklet deals with the subject of having a home birth (yes, people do still have babies during tough economic times!), you might present it to your market from either the aspect of being more healthful for the mother and baby than a hospital birth, or you might present it as being less costly.  You could also use both angles.  The booklet itself really has nothing to do with either of these issues, yet they are a factor contained within the big picture.

A bad economy doesn’t have to mean bad business.  It can actually mean even more sales for you when you present your booklet from a perspective that reflects both the times we live in and the needs of your market.

To your riches!


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