Quick Tip: The Gold Mine In Hidden Markets

An easy way to widen your booklet’s market is to look for its hidden market.  That is, those people who would benefit from your booklet but who are not the ones your booklet was originally created for.

As an example of this, let’s look at the food industry.  There are many foods on the shelves in your local grocery store which are naturally gluten free, or dairy free, or vegan, or vegetarian, or kosher, etc.  Yet, often the manufacturers of these foods will reach out only to one very large, blanket group of people.

Only in the past few years have the major players in the mainstream food industry taken note of special food populations and realized that they don’t need to change their products in order to reach out to these other market niches.  They simply need to label their products accordingly.

Think of your booklet like those food products.  You have a main market – the market your booklet is created for.  But, there are probably several other markets which might be interested in your title as well. Finding those hidden markets is like finding a gold mine!

To your riches!


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