Seven Reasons An Ebooklet Deserves Your Consideration

Back in December of 2009, ebooks hit the mainstream when Amazon sold more ebooks than printed books.  If you haven’t considered producing an e-version of your booklet, you might want to give it some serious thought.  Here are some other reasons an ebooklet deserves your attention.

1) When producing a printed booklet, the files are already there for an ebooklet.  This is an easy way to get two separate products without any extra cost.

2) An e-booklet is a great way to test your product before investing in printed copies.

3) An e-booklet can be emailed to a prospective quantity buyer, getting it to them moments after a conversation while that conversation is still fresh in their mind, and saving you the cost of postage and possibly a trip to the post office.

4) Ebooklets don’t require any physical storage space.

5) An ebooklet solves the instant gratification problem.  Buy it now and have it in seconds.

6) There are several places online where you can publish your ebooklet for FREE!

7) You can add clickable links that work to your ebooklet, whereas you can only print those websites in a printed booklet.

To your riches!


PS: Much of what applies to printed booklets also applies to ebooklets and vice versa.  If you want to get your booklet project off on the right foot, whether your planning to offer printed copies or ebooklets or both, click here!

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