Quick Tip: What Works For Books Can Work For Booklets

Many authors forget to think outside the box.  They mistakenly believe that an idea used for books won’t work for booklets, or vice versa.

The truth is you can take any idea, whether it’s for books, magazines, ebooks, or any other publication, and apply it to booklets. And what’s good for booklets is also good for books.  You may need to tweak the idea a little so that it fits your situation, but there’s no reason why something that works for one can’t work for the other.

This blog is full of ideas for booklets, but those same ideas can easily be applied to books should you ever be inclined to write a full length publication.  And, if you’ve already written a book and are looking for another income stream that won’t take you as long to produce, you’ve come to the right place!  And you can use your book knowledge to help you too!

Don’t look at ideas as being absolute or as only fitting one particular kind of product or situation.  Look at ideas as something that can be tweaked, stretched, and otherwise changed to fit your needs.  Remember, what works for one can work for the other.

To your riches!


PS: Could you use a few good ideas to get you started on your own booklet adventure?  Click here!

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