Five Websites That Can Help You Polish Up Your Grammar Fast!

Are you excited and ready to start writing your booklet manuscript but you’re worried that your grammar is a little rusty?  Here are five websites that can help you polish up your grammar fast!

1) – I use this website constantly. It is absolutely invaluable when you need to find an alternative word.

2) Interactive Quizzes – Instead of spending time on Facebook or surfing the net, you could become a grammar pro!  This is a fun site that will test what you know and teach you what you don’t.  A little time spent here each day will have your grammar ship-shape in no time!

3) Harper’s Online Writing Lab – This website is uncluttered, to the point and easy to use.  It covers all the basics.

4) Eleven Rules Of Writing – A quick review of these eleven rules will have you writing like a pro faster than you can say eleven rules of writing!

5) GMAT Sample Test – Want to know how good your grammar really is?  Got a little time to kill?  Take this 45 minute test (it’s timed!) and find out!  A fun way to discover what you know and what you don’t!

To your riches!


PS: Once you’re polished up your grammar skills and you’re ready to begin writing that manuscript, click here!

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