This Author Made A Bad Mistake – Twice!

A couple of days ago I spoke with an author who was very frustrated.  Some time ago she had hired an artist to do some artwork for her project, and the artist never started the work.  To make matters worse, this artist is a friend of hers.  Hiring friends is rarely ever a good idea.

Never Do Business With Friends

When you hire someone to help you with your booklet, whether it’s someone to take care of the layout and design, or the artwork, or the editing, or whatever, it’s best to hire a professional rather than a friend.  And if your friend is a professional, it’s best to find another professional.

While it’s only natural that you would like to turn your project over to a friend, there are too many things that could come up that might interfere with your friendship.  What if you thought your friend was going to help you as a favor, but your friend expected to be paid for the work?  What if your friend doesn’t do the job on time?  What if the job isn’t completed to your satisfaction?

There is an old saying that goes: Never do business with friends.  This may sound harsh, but when it comes to your business and your booklet, it’s good advice.

Looking At It From The Other Side

If the above hasn’t convinced you that you should not hire your friends to help you with your booklet or another aspect of your business, think about it from your friend’s point of view.

Your friend is in business, doing whatever they do, for the same reason you are – to make money. If they do agree to take on your project as a favor and not charge you, they may not be able to get to it right away.  They may have paying clients to take care of first.  After all, paying clients are the ones taking care of the bills and keeping food on the table.

Your friend might mean well, and they may take your project seriously, but when a client comes along who is paying them money, they would be wise to put that client’s project ahead of yours from a business standpoint. They may not want to do it, but business demands it.  You’re their friend, so naturally you’ll understand.  But, what if you need your project completed in a hurry to meet one of your client’s demands?

Why Family Is Even Worse

Trying to do business with friends is simply a bad idea.  And doing business with family is even worse.  It’s difficult to fire friends, but it’s impossible to fire family members.

If something goes wrong with your project or it isn’t completed on time, the ensuing argument can cause hard feelings and alienate you from each other, and possibly even from other family members.

Generally speaking, the more immediate the family member, the greater the chance for conflict. If you have a distant cousin who is willing to help you out, it may be worth a try.  But, a sibling or parent would probably not be a good choice, even if they have the skills.

Offering to pay a friend or family member their regular rate won’t necessarily keep you out of hot water either.  There are plenty of conflicts, other than payment, that can arise.

Unfortunately for the author in question, she decided to hire a family member to do her artwork when her friend failed to start the project.  She’s hoping to save some money, but time is money and if her family member fails to complete the project, the author will have lost out again.  Had she hired a professional in the first place, her work would have been on the market and she would be making money with it now.

To your riches!


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