Quick Tip: How To Reap Riches From Criticism

We’ve all had someone burst our bubble at one time or another.  But, was that really their intention?  Often people give us their opinion, and we take it the wrong way.  As an author, you are probably very sensitive about your work.  But, most people are really trying to help.

Criticism can be a good thing – especially when it helps you to refine your products, customer service, or your overall way of doing business.  The plain and simple truth is we need criticism.  No matter the intent behind it, there is usually something good you can take away from it – even if nothing more than realizing that the person doing the criticizing doesn’t represent your audience.

Always try to take criticism constructively, even when you know it isn’t meant that way.  Ask yourself what you can learn from it and how it can help you to further your goals and grow your business.  Mine those riches!

To your riches!


PS: Before anyone can criticize your work, you need to have work for them to criticize.  Would you like to create your booklet the easy way?  Click here!

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