How To Grow Your Riches And Avoid Being A Hamster On A Wheel

When you step out to begin your booklet adventure, you are making the decision to become an entrepreneur – someone who is in charge of their own destiny rather than allowing others to decide it for them.  As an entrepreneur you will be faced with two paths in front of you every day. The first is the path to riches.  The second is the path to frustration and eventual burnout.

Your Business Activities – Good or Bad?

Every day you are faced with choices as to which activities you will do in your business.  The activities you choose will determine whether you succeed in reaping riches or not.

Some activities are very productive, while others are either less productive or non-productive from a business standpoint.  For example, writing your manuscript is productive.  Attending a seminar on how to hire personnel when you’re no where near ready to do that and may never wish to do so would be non-productive.  While the seminar does present a good business topic, it may not be a good topic for you at this point in time.

Trimming The Fat

Your ultimate goal in choosing your business activities, is to choose activities that will further your business along and help it to grow. An activity that doesn’t do that is better left off of your “to-do” list.

It’s easy to start a business.  But, creating a truly profitable one takes good decisions about the activities you do once the business is up and running. As you create your “to-do” list the night before, you should always ask yourself if everything on your list is really necessary and whether or not it will further you toward your goals.  Anything that isn’t necessary should be cut from the list, and the rest should be prioritized so that those activities that are most important will get done.

Where Are You Going?

Part of being able to make good decisions is to know where you are going, and you can’t know where you are going if you don’t have goals.  Therefore, you need to set some goals for your business.

How much money do you want to make over the next year?  How many booklets do you want to create?  Will you create other products as well?  If so, what will those products be and how many do you expect to sell?

Goals give you a way to measure your progress. Once you have goals, you’ll be able to know which activities will help you reach them.

The major players in the entrepreneurial arena are pros when it comes to setting goals and then choosing only those activities that help them reach those goals.  They know that choosing the right activities, partners, seminars, books and other educational materials is of vital importance to the growth of their business and their income.

Any entrepreneur or business person can keep busy.  But, the key to making real money and achieving success is choosing your activities wisely.  Otherwise, you might as well be a hamster on a wheel.

To your riches!


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