The 4 Most Important Steps To Becoming A Successful Booklet Author

Your success as a booklet author can be broken down into four easy steps.  They are:

1) Make a commitment to your booklet, your business and yourself. This should happen the moment you decide to write your booklet, and you should re-commit yourself as often as you need to.  Without a commitment on your part, it will be easy to give up somewhere down the line.  To succeed you need to commit.

2) Do whatever research you need to do in order to create the best product possible. You probably have at least some head knowledge and/or experience with your topic.  It never hurts, however, to see what others have written or said about it.  By doing some simple research you may find a few new ideas and you can be certain that your information is up to date.

3) Keep reading this blog! Why?  Because you need a mentor – someone who has already done this – to show you the ropes!

4) Take a deep breath and jump in! Or, like the Nike commercial says – Just do it!  If you’re going to succeed, you have to get started at some point.  It might as well be now!

To your riches!


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